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Protection Warrior Tank Buffs, Debuffs, and Useful Abilities

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In this article, we list the buffs, debuffs and useful abilities that a Protection Warrior brings to a raid. We also list equivalent buffs and debuffs that other classes provide.

The other articles of our Protection Warrior guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the left.

Battle Shout Icon Battle Shout +549 Agility and Strength — does not stack with Horn of Winter Icon Horn of Winter, Roar of Courage Icon Roar of Courage, and Strength of Earth Totem Icon Strength of Earth Totem
Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout Increases Stamina by 584 — does not stack with Qiraji Fortitude Icon Qiraji Fortitude, Power Word: Fortitude Icon Power Word: Fortitude, and Blood Pact Icon Blood Pact
Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry This ability is unique to Warriors and provides 20% extra health to the Warrior and nearby raid members for 10 seconds.
Demoralizing Shout Icon Demoralizing Shout 10% Physical Damage done reduction — does not stack with Scarlet Fever Icon Scarlet Fever, Demoralizing Roar Icon Demoralizing Roar, Demoralizing Roar Icon Demoralizing Roar, Demoralizing Screech Icon Demoralizing Screech, Vindication Icon Vindication, and Curse of Weakness Icon Curse of Weakness
Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw Reduces the armor of the target by 20% (note that this effect stacks with Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor) for 10 seconds. It should be used during burn phases and Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp.
Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor Armor reduction — does not stack with Faerie Fire Icon Faerie Fire, Corrosive Spit Icon Corrosive Spit, Tear Armor Icon Tear Armor, and Expose Armor Icon Expose Armor
Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap 20% Attack Speed reduction — does not stack with Frost Fever Icon Frost Fever, Infected Wounds Icon Infected Wounds, Dust Cloud Icon Dust Cloud, Tailspin Icon Tailspin, Judgements of the Just Icon Judgements of the Just Waylay Icon Waylay, and Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock
Taunt Icon Taunt Gives you threat equal to whoever is currently on top of the target's threat table, and forces the target to attack you for 3 seconds. If you are already at the top of the threat table, then it has no effect on threat.
Challenging Shout Icon Challenging Shout Forces all enemies within 10 yards to attack you for 6 seconds. Unlike Taunt, it has no effect on threat.
Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap Allows you to leap to a target location (within 40 yards), dealing a small amount of damage when you land.
Heroic Throw Icon Heroic Throw This is your only ranged ability. It deals a small amount of damage, silences your target (if Gag Order Icon Gag Order is talent), and applies a stack of Sunder Armor Icon Sunder Armor with the appropriate glyph. Note that it also resets your swing timer, so it should not be used unless you cannot reach the target to melee it at the time.
Disarm Icon Disarm Disarms the target for 10 seconds. It is excellent against melee trash mobs, and in some rare cases works against bosses as well.
Pummel Icon Pummel Interrupts the target's current spell cast. Also silences the target for 3 seconds, if Gag Order Icon Gag Order is talent.
Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam Offensive magic dispel
Crowd Control
Charge Icon Charge Charge towards an enemy mob, stunning it for a short amount of time and generating a small amount of rage.
Concussion Blow Icon Concussion Blow Single-target stun
Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl Enables you to slow all the enemies around you, making it ideal for kiting (only available if Piercing Howl Icon Piercing Howl is talented).
Shockwave Icon Shockwave AoE stun
Intervene Icon Intervene This is basically a friendly Charge Icon Charge. It moves you to the friendly player's location, reduces their threat by 10%, causes the next white attack made against them to be made against you instead, and reduces the damage that they take by 30% for 6 seconds (thanks to Safeguard Icon Safeguard).
Victory Rush Icon Victory Rush This ability is enabled after dealing a killing blow. It costs no rage, is instant cast, does not require a melee weapon to be equipped and it heals you for a large amount of your health. Sadly, there are not a lot of situations where you can get killing blows during raids.

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