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Retribution Paladin DPS Spec, Builds, Talents, and Glyphs (WoW 4.3.4)

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In this article, we present you with various talent trees for Retribution Paladins (WoW 4.3) that you can use in specific situations. We also give you pointers for customising your talent tree and adapting it to a particular boss. The other articles of our Retribution Paladin guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the left.

1. Standard Talent Build↑top

As a Retribution Paladin, there is a one talent build that is ideally suited for most raid encounters.

This build takes all the useful talents possible while maximising your DPS potential. The single optional talent point is placed in Divinity Icon Divinity.

2. Customising Your Build↑top

As a Retribution Paladin, you have an extremely limited choice of optional talents. We will present them briefly, before explaining what each of the relevant glyphs does.

2.1. Optional Talents

You only have one free talent point that you can place freely in one of the following talents:

  • Repentance Icon Repentance, which provides you the Repentance Icon Repentance ability, a form of crowd-control. It does not have many uses in raid encounters.
  • Divinity Icon Divinity, which provides you with a minor increase in healing received (as well as healing done). It provides you with slightly better survivability.

2.2. Glyphs

2.2.1. Prime Glyphs

You should use the following 3 glyphs in all situations:

A few mentions should be made regarding Glyph of Seal of Truth:

  • The Expertise that you gain from it will show up on your character sheet while Seal of Truth or Seal of Righteousness are active, so it is easy for you to calculate how far you are from the desired 26 Expertise cap (see the statistics page for more details).
  • This glyph should never be replaced, not even if you are over the Expertise cap when using it. In this case, you will simply reforge Expertise Rating off your gear (see the statistics page for more details).

2.2.2. Major Glyphs

Major Glyphs do not provide any DPS increases. Glyph of the Ascetic Crusader is the only mandatory glyph, which reduces the mana cost of your Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike.

Other options include:

2.2.3. Minor Glyphs

Minor Glyphs generally provide you with small benefits that make your life easier, but do not increase the strength of your character or your raid. The best glyphs to use are:

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