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Holy Paladin - Talentek és Glyphek (WoW 4.3.4)

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Ebben a részben bemutatjuk a Holy Paladin (WoW 4.3) legjobban hasznáható talentfáit. Egyúttal elmagyarazzuk, mit jelentenek az egyes talentpontok, hogyan hatnak egymásra és hogyan variálhatod a talentfádat a saját igényeidnek, vagy egyes bossoknak megfelelően.

A Holy Paladin kasztleírás többi részét a bal oldali menüpontban érheted el.

1.1. Általános talentkép↑top

Sok olyan talent van, amiből választhatsz Holy Paladinként. Egy részük sokkal hasznosabb és kedveltebb, itt lentebb ezeket láthatjátok.


Ez a kép tesz pontot az Eternal Glory Icon Eternal Glory -ra, ami esélyt ad, hogy a Word of Glory Icon Word of Glory ne fogyassza el a Holy Power-t.

Ezen a talentképen kap pontot a Pursuit of Justice Icon Pursuit of Justice, azért hasznos, mert a sebességedet képes növelni. Ezenkívül tesz a Improved Judgement Icon Improved Judgement-re, ami növeli a Judgement hatótávolságát.

Ez pedig a nagyobb Holy Power regen-re van kihegyezve a Blessed Life Icon Blessed Life-ra tett pontokon keresztül, és szintén tesz az Eternal Glory Icon Eternal Glory -ra.

1.2. Talentkép testreszabása↑top

Először is, nézzük meg a fix talentpontokat. Ezek azok, amiket mindenképpen ki kell tenni egy Holy Palának. Ezután részletezzük a választhatóakat, amelyekkel személyreszabottá válik a kép. Befejezésül kitérünk a kötelező és a választható glyphekre.

1.2.1. Talentek

Ezen a képen a fix talentpontok zölddel vannak kiemelve, a választhatóak pedig pirossal.

Talents for Holy Paladins Fix Talentpontok

Protector of the Innocent Icon Protector of the Innocent 3/3:
this talent will account for a large amount of the healing that we do over the course of a fight, and will often result in overhealing. Despite this, however, it still provides free healing to the paladin, healing which does transfer to the Beacon target, making it extremely desirable.

Judgements of the Pure Icon Judgements of the Pure 3/3:
9% casting haste for the cost of two talent points, especially considering the usefulness of haste for Holy Paladins, is a simple choice. This talent also provides 30% increased mana regeneration from Spirit, for 60 seconds after judging a target.

Clarity of Purpose Icon Clarity of Purpose 3/3:
a one second reduction on the cast time of three of our most used spells is, again, something we simply cannot live without.

Last Word Icon Last Word 1/2:
the benefit of this talent is not overly impressive, but it is the only talent left of the first two tiers that we can take to unlock the third tier. It can prove beneficial in some situations, but a second talent point in it is generally a waste because of the situational nature of this talent and the already high critical strike chance of the spell on sub 35% health targets due to the first talent point.

Divine Favor Icon Divine Favor 1/1:
provides you with a powerful healing cooldown the usefulness of which is unquestionable.

Infusion of Light Icon Infusion of Light 2/2:
these talent points provide two useful benefits: firstly an increased critical strike chance on Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock and secondly a 1.5 second cast time reduction on your next Holy Light Icon Holy Light, Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light, Divine Light Icon Divine Light or Holy Radiance Icon Holy Radiance following a Holy Shock critical strike. As you can notice, the two elements of this talent point have good synergy and will not only increase the critical strike chance of a spell you should be using every 6 seconds, but also provide you with extremely fast Divine Lights and Holy Radiances.

Daybreak Icon Daybreak 2/2:
this provides you with a 20% chance, when casting Holy Light, Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light or Divine Light, for your next Holy Shock cast within 12 seconds not to trigger a cooldown. This results in occasional bursts of healing and Holy Power generation, further boosting your healing.

Enlightened Judgements Icon Enlightened Judgements 1/2:
This talent's benefits are threefold: it grants hit rating based on the Holy Paladin's spirit, it increases the range of judgements and it also provides a small heal to the paladin each time a judgement occurs. Since Holy Paladins rely actively on being able to land successful attacks on a target to gain the benefits of judging as well as mana return from melee attacks and Holy Power generation from Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike, the hit rating part of this talent is needed. With the high amount of spirit that healers have, gaining hit rating equal to half of it will be more than enough to make sure your attacks do not miss. The increased range for judgements is also useful and provides you with more mobility since you can judge from farther away. Finally, the self-heal does transfer to the Beacon target and while the amount is quite small, it is effectively free. A second point in this talent is only really justified by the need to maximise judgement range, and as such should only be taken if 2/2 in Improved Judgement Icon Improved Judgement have already been taken.

Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light 1/1:
this spell is absolutely crucial to your healing in raids, allowing you to heal two targets at the same time, as well as allowing Holy Power generation through direct Flash of Light or Divine Light heals on the Beacon target.

Speed of Light Icon Speed of Light 3/3:
the benefits provided by this talent are twofold: increased casting haste by 3% and a 60% movement speed increase for 4 seconds after using Divine Protection Icon Divine Protection. Three talent points here are vital for the casting speed bonus. In addition, the movement speed increase can prove highly useful in many situations.

Sacred Cleansing Icon Sacred Cleansing 1/1:
this talent grants Holy Paladins the ability to dispel magic effects and is essential to take at least in a 10 man raiding environment where the number of players who can dispel magic may be limited. Regardless of its reduced necessity in 25 man raiding, there is no other useful talent to take in order to access the fifth tier.

Conviction Icon Conviction 3/3:
this talent grants a stacking buff that increases healing by 3% per stack and stacks up to three times for total of 9% increased healing. It is triggered each time you critically hit with your spells or abilities. During normal raid encounters, this should have high uptime and is the sole reason why Critical Strike Rating is of any use to you outside of Infusion of Light.

Aura Mastery Icon Aura Mastery 1/1:
this is a highly useful raid damage-reduction cooldown when coupled with Resistance Aura Icon Resistance Aura and as such should never be skipped (and the spell itself should, of course, be used extensively).

Paragon of Virtue Icon Paragon of Virtue 2/2:
this talent reduces the cooldowns of three abilities you make use of often during any raid encounter and as such its benefits cannot be overlooked.

Tower of Radiance Icon Tower of Radiance 3/3:
alongside Holy Shock, this talent is your other source of Holy Power generation and although you will hardly ever be using Flash of Light to trigger its effects, casting Divine Light on the Beacon of Light target is something that can happen quite often. This talent also allows you to generate a charge of Holy Power each time you use Holy Radiance Icon Holy Radiance.

Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn 1/1:
this is your 31-point talent. Light of Dawn is a frontal cone AoE heal that costs Holy Power.

Divinity Icon Divinity 3/3:
this is a flat 6% increase to healing done and healing taken and cannot be passed up as there are no other more beneficial talents available.

Crusade Icon Crusade 3/3:
this talent grants a 30% increase to the healing of Holy Shock, and as such it surpasses any other alternative in usefulness. Választható talentek

This section covers the optional talents and offers a brief outline as to why they are useful.

  • 2/2 Eternal Glory Icon Eternal Glory: provides a solid chance to return Holy Power on using Word of Glory Icon Word of Glory. While Word of Glory itself isn't extremely powerful, the healing from it is very cost efficient and as such this talent can prove to be quite beneficial. Do note that it is prevented from occurring back-to-back by having a 15 second internal cooldown.
  • 1/2 or 2/2 Improved Judgement Icon Improved Judgement: despite preferring melee range as a Holy Paladin, this talent provides great utility on a lot of fights where being in melee range simply isn't possible by giving you unrestricted mobility and flexibility of positioning while allowing constant Judgement Icon Judgement uptime. 1/2 or 2/2 is a personal choice, however 2/2 is required for those wishing to unlock Pursuit of Justice Icon Pursuit of Justice.
  • 1/2 or 2/2 Blessed Life Icon Blessed Life: despite its overt PvP nature, this talent proves quite useful in passive Holy Power generation during most PvE encounters (a large majority of the AoE damage triggers the effect). It is possible to only take a single talent point here, however since the sources of damage that trigger this effect do not occur with great frequency, it will often lead to a much longer period of time between Holy Power charges being generated than the 8 second internal cooldown. As such, 2/2 is recommended.
  • 2/2 Pursuit of Justice Icon Pursuit of Justice: only available if you have taken 2/2 in Improved Judgement and it grants a 15% increase to movement speed, which would otherwise need to be obtained through a feet enchant. The usefulness of a movement speed increase in basically every single raid encounter in the game is unquestionable, which makes this talent a solid choice.

1.2.2. Glyphek

Holy paladins have multiple viable glyphs to choose from, both for Prime Glyphs and Major Glyphs. Minor Glyphs are straightforward. You should analyse which glyphs will be of the greatest use to you on an encounter-by-encounter basis, and change them accordingly before the fight. Prime Glyphek

Which of these two optional glyphs to use is a decision that you should make based on whether or not you have talented Eternal Glory Icon Eternal Glory (in which case Glyph of Word of Glory is better), and on whether or not the encounter will provide you with enough time to use Holy Shock at all, or will require greater heals (such as the event in which you are assigned to tank healing in an encounter where there is high sustained tank damage). Major Glyphek

A Major Glyphs Holy Paláknál szabadon választhatók. Éppen ezért az éppen aktuális harchoz és progresshez érdemes igazítani őket. A választási lehetőségek a következők:

  • Glyph of Divine Plea:
    this is another mana regeneration glyph, boosting the efficiency of your Divine Plea Icon Divine Plea, making it extremely useful for encounters where you can use Divine Plea (that is to say encounters where there are periods of less intense incoming damage that would allow you to suffer the healing penalty of Divine Plea).
  • Glyph of Divinity:
    this is purely a mana regeneration glyph, which will give you the equivalent, roughly, of a Mythical Mana Potion once per fight (twice if you use Lay on Hands Icon Lay on Hands early enough and the fight last a very long time).
  • Glyph of Divine Protection:
    this glyph changes your Divine Protection Icon Divine Protection so that it provides 40% reduced magic damage instead of the unglyphed 20% physical damage and 20% magic damage reduction. It is a very useful glyph for heavy raid damage encounters. It should be noted that there is no real case when you will wish to gain the unglyphed benefit of Divine Protection as a Holy Paladin.
  • Glyph of Light of Dawn:
    increases the healing done by Light of Dawn Icon Light of Dawn by 25%, but reduces the number of targets it heals by 2 (from 6 to 4).
  • Glyph of Beacon of Light:
    it eliminates the mana cost of your Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light. Despite Beacon of Light's 5 minute duration, this glyph is extremely useful in terms of saving mana on fights where you end up changing your beacon target often, but if all you are doing is refreshing your Beacon, this glyph is lackluster to say the least.
  • Glyph of Lay on Hands:
    this glyph provides your Lay on Hands with a 7 minute cooldown, making it realistically usable twice within numerous encounters and thus granting us double the benefit from Glyph of Divinity.
  • Glyph of Cleansing:
    this glyph can prove useful on fights where there is a large amount of cleansing to be done, but it remains highly situational.
  • Glyph of Holy Wrath:
    it enables your Holy Wrath Icon Holy Wrath spell to also stun Elementals and Dragonkin. It can prove to be a very useful glyph, but it remains highly situational. Minor Glyphek

There are only three minor glyphs that offer any use at all to a Holy Paladin, and they all offer it in the form of reduced mana cost on abilities which are generally used out of combat.

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