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Patch 4.2 Gear / Firelands Loot Break Down

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In this article, we list, in an organised fashion, all the new gear items introduced by World of Warcraft 4.2.

1. Gear Sources↑top

Patch 4.2 brings new gear items with a level of either 365, 378, 384, 391, or 397. Here are the current means of obtaining these new items:

  • The Elemental Bonds quest line rewards item level 365 cloaks.
  • The Firelands Invasion event rewards items with a level of 365, as well as profession patterns for crafting items of the same level.
  • New profession patterns drop from the Firelands drop from the trash mobs in the Firelands. They enable crafting items with a level of 378.
  • Valor Quartermasters have had their rewards upgraded and now sell items with a level of 378.
  • In both normal and heroic difficulty, trash mobs in the Firelands drop BoE items with a level of 378.
  • In normal difficulty, raid bosses in the Firelands drop items (some are BoE) with a level of 378. Items dropped by Ragnaros, the end boss, have a level of 384.
  • The Avengers of Hyjal faction (a sort of Ashen Verdict equivalent for the Firelands) rewards items with a level of 378 (vendor is located just outside the entrance of Firelands). More items become available as your standing with that faction increases (presumably by killing raid bosses in the Firelands).
  • In heroic difficulty, raid bosses in the Firelands drop items with a level of 391 (397 for Ragnaros).
  • The Avengers of Hyjal enable you to replace some items with a level of 378 (all BoE items from the Firelands and some Valor Point rewards) by their heroic (item level 391) version. To do so, you need to turn in, at one of the two NPCs just outside of the Firelands, the normal version of the item plus a Crystallized Firestone (a token that drops in heroic difficulty from raid bosses in the Firelands).
  • A legendary DPS caster staff (Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest) with an item level of 397 has also been introduced and is rewarded after a long quest line that involves many heroic difficulty runs in the Firelands.

There are also new class sets, which we discuss in the next section.

2. Class Sets↑top

We felt that presenting the class sets together with the rest of the items would have resulted in a cluttered listing. For this reason, we have decided to present them separately.

2.1. Obtention System

As usually, the class sets are made up of 5 pieces: Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, and Legs. There are 2 versions of the sets, a normal version (item level 378) and a heroic version (item level 391). All pieces can be bought from Valor Quartermasters, while some can also drop from Occu'thar in Baradin Hold.

The pieces for the normal version can be obtained in the following ways:

The pieces for the heroic version can be obtained in the following ways:

You obtain these tokens by killing Firelands raid bosses:

2.2. Death Knight

2.2.1. Blood

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.2.2. Frost - Unholy

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.3. Druids

2.3.1. Balance

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.3.2. Feral Combat

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.3.3. Restoration

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.4. Hunter

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.5. Mage

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.6. Paladin

2.6.1. Holy

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.6.2. Protection

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.6.3. Retribution

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.7. Priest

2.7.1. Discipline - Holy

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.7.2. Shadow

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.8. Rogue

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.9. Shaman

2.9.1. Elemental

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.9.2. Restoration

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.9.3. Enhancement

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.10. Warlock

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.11. Warrior

2.11.1. Arms - Fury

Normal set:

Heroic set:

2.11.2. Protection

Normal set:

Heroic set:

3. Cloth Items↑top

3.1. Head

3.2. Shoulders

3.3. Chest

3.4. Wrists

3.5. Hands

3.6. Waist

3.7. Legs

3.8. Feet

4. Leather Items (Intellect-based)↑top

4.1. Head

4.2. Shoulders

4.3. Chest

4.4. Wrists

4.5. Hands

4.6. Waist

4.7. Legs

4.8. Feet

5. Leather Items (Agility-based)↑top

5.1. Head

5.2. Shoulders

5.3. Chest

5.4. Wrists

5.5. Hands

5.6. Waist

5.7. Legs

5.8. Feet

6. Mail Items (Intellect-based)↑top

6.1. Head

6.2. Shoulders

6.3. Chest

6.4. Wrists

6.5. Hands

6.6. Waist

6.7. Legs

6.8. Feet

7. Mail Items (Agility-based)↑top

7.1. Head

7.2. Shoulders

7.3. Chest

7.4. Wrists

7.5. Hands

7.6. Waist

7.7. Legs

7.8. Feet

8. Plate Items (Intellect-based)↑top

8.1. Head

8.2. Shoulders

8.3. Chest

8.4. Wrists

8.5. Hands

8.6. Waist

8.7. Legs

8.8. Feet

9. Plate Items (Strength-based)↑top

9.1. Head

9.2. Shoulders

9.3. Chest

9.4. Wrists

9.5. Hands

9.6. Waist

9.7. Legs

9.8. Feet

10. Neck, Back, and Finger Items↑top

10.1. Intellect-based Items

10.2. Agility-based Items

10.3. Strength-based Items

11. Weapons↑top

11.1. Intellect-based Items

11.2. Agility-based Items

11.3. Strength-based Items

12. Trinkets↑top

12.1. DPS Caster Items

12.2. Healer Items

12.3. Agility-based Items

12.4. Strength-based Melee DPS Items

12.5. Tanking Items

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