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Dragonwrath (Legendary Staff) Quest Line Guide (patch 4.3.4)

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Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest is the newest legendary item. It was added in World of Warcraft Patch 4.2.

This massively powerful caster staff joins Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, the Warglaives of Azzinoth (Main Hand/Off Hand), Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings and Shadowmourne in the collection of truly legendary weapons, made available to players over the years.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to obtain Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, and will also provide you with relevant information regarding the staff itself.

The quest line is only available to level 85 characters.

1. Completion Time↑top

The time it takes to complete the quest varies depending on your raid size and the difficulty at which you kill the bosses in Firelands. Approximately, it will take:

  • 25-34 weeks to a 10-man guild doing Normal mode bosses;
  • 15-8 weeks to a 10-man guild doing Heroic mode bosses;
  • 11 weeks to a 25-man guild doing Normal mode bosses;
  • 9-10 weeks to a 25-man guild doing Heroic mode bosses;

2. Preliminary Information↑top

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, according to Blizzard's stated intention, is a caster DPS weapon. This means that it is only usable and obtainable by Mages, Warlocks, Priests, Druids and Shamans. Despite the fact that its stats may make it a considerable upgrade for healing Priests, Druids and Shamans, its proc makes it a purely DPS item.

The following is known regarding the proc:

  • The proc does not have an internal cooldown.
  • The proc will duplicate the respective spell in the form of Arcane Damage.
  • The proc will duplicate DoT ticks.
  • The proc interacts with class mechanics, generating and consuming various buffs which occur from dealing damage.
  • The proc can be a critical strike, and it can also miss (if you are not hit capped).
  • The proc does not occur from AoE abilites or other abilities which are not direct damage spells or DoT ticks.

The item is obtained through the process of a rather long quest chain which will be detailed below. While one does not need to be in a guild to complete the quests, the support of a guild is practically mandatory.

All stages of the quest chain which require you to complete tasks within the Firelands raid instance can be completed on either 10 or 25-man difficulty.

3. The Quest Chain↑top

The quest chain for obtaining Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest is comprised of 14 quests and will, in the most likely event, take many weeks to complete due to some of its requirements.

Players attempting to obtain this item will be required to perform a number of tasks within the Firelands raid instance (including killing the bosses many times) as well as outside of it. Indeed, a fair amount of travel time around Azeroth is required, as various quest objectives are found in Northrend and South Kalimdor.

In addition to the legendary item obtained at the end, the quest chain also provides a large amount of lore information regarding the Infinite Dragonflight as well as the Blue Dragonflight, after Malygos' demise.

3.1. Summary

The quest chain is comprised of the following quests:

  1. A Legendary Engagement
  2. A Wrinkle in Time
  3. All-Seeing Eye
  4. On a Wing and a Prayer
  5. Through a Glass, Darkly
  6. Actionable Intelligence
  7. Delegation
  8. Nordrassil's Bough
  9. Emergency Extraction
  10. At One
  11. Time Grows Short
  12. Alignment
  13. Heart of Flame
  14. The Stuff of Legends

The following items will be required for the completion of the quest chain:

  • 25 Eternal Embers (looted from bosses within the Firelands raid instance).
  • 3 Sands of Time (purchased from a vendor in Uldum for 3,000 gold each).
  • 1000 Seething Cinders (looted from bosses within the Firelands raid instance).
  • 250 Smouldering Essences (collected through channeling a spell on corpses of Firelands bosses).
  • Heart of Flame (looted from Ragnaros within the Firelands raid instance).

You will be rewarded with the following items as you progress through the quest line:

3.2. Getting Started

In order to be eligible for the starting quest of the chain, a player must fulfill one of the following two requirements:

  • Defeat a Molten Lord (a strong trash mob), located within the Firelands raid instance. Doing so will automatically award players the quest Your Time Has Come (Alliance/Horde), leading them to start of the quest chain.
  • Complete (or already have completed) the final achievement for Bastion of Twilight, Blacking Descent or Throne of the Four Winds. Specifically, one must have completed at least one of these raids (by killing all the bosses).

If the second criterion is met, the quest A Legendary Engagement will be available in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar. In Stormwind City, the quest is offered by Coridormi, who can be found in the Wizard's Sanctum, in the Mage Quarter. In Orgrimmar, the quest is offered by Ziradormi, who can be found in Grommash Hold. Players who have defeated a Molten Lord will have access to A Legendary Engagement, once they have completed Your Time Has Come.

The A Legendary Engagement quest simply requires the player to travel to the Caverns of Time, in Tanaris, and speak with Anachronos. Once completed, Anachronos will offer A Wrinkle in Time as a follow-up quest. To complete the quest, simply speak with him again and tell him you are ready to "witness a vision of the future".

This will trigger a short cut-scene, foretelling the doom of Azeroth. It will also count the quest as completed. After this, the quest chain-takes on a more cumbersome direction.

3.3. The First Collecting Stage

The next quest in the chain is offered by Anachronos and is called All-Seeing Eye. It requires players to collect 25 Eternal Embers as well as 3 Sands of Time. This should take 2 full clears to 25-man raids and 4 to 5 full clears to 10-man raids.

Eternal Embers are obtainable from bosses within the Firelands. Each boss has a 80% chance to drop at least one Eternal Ember. In 25-man difficulty, a boss can drop up to 3 Eternal Embers. Note that there does not seem to be a higher chance to get Eternal Embers in Heroic mode. When 2 or 3 Eternal Embers drop, they cannot be given to different players (ie., both Embers have to be given to the same player, as they form a stack). Also, Eternal Embers need to be distributed with care, as they cannot be traded between raid members, in case they were given to the wrong player.

Sands of Time are sold by Yasmin, an innkeeper found in North-West Uldum, for the price of 3,000 gold each.

3.4. The Blue Dragonflight

Once you have obtained these items, you can return to Anachronos and turn in the quest. He will breathe on an orb next to him, which you can then loot to obtain a Timeless Eye. Your next quest, On a Wing and a Prayer, requires you to deliver the Timeless Eye to Coldarra, in Northrend.

On arriving in Coldarra, you will be met with a cut-scene, during which you are introduced to Tarecgosa. She warns you that Coldarra is dangerous and that you should leave. Once the cut-scene is over, you can turn in the quest to her and take the next one, Through a Glass, Darkly.

This quest will send you into the Nexus (although, it is not really the Nexus, but rather a modified, phased version of the instance). There, you will be assisted by Tarecgosa in making your way to the heart of the instance. You will need to defeat several mobs along the way, and some interesting events will take place.

At the end of your journey inside the Nexus, you will need to use the Timeless Eye, the provided quest item, and will have to defeat a dragon named Thyrinar, who is seemingly attempting to destroy Tarecgosa. The fight against Thyrinar is simple and involves avoiding a very slow moving breath attack.

Once the dragon is defeated, you witness yet another cut-scene and are then offered Actionable Intelligence by Tarecgosa. The quest sends you to Mount Hyjal, where you must speak with Kalecgos.

3.5. Into the Firelands

From this point on, the quest chain will take you into the Firelands raid instance repeatedly, in order to complete several tasks.

Kalecgos, in Mount Hyjal, will give you the quest Delegation. You are required to enter the Firelands and retrieve a Branch of Nordrassil. This item is obtained by completing an event which takes place at the Anvil of Conflagration (which we will detail below), however, in order to access this area, you will first need to obtain 4 items which will unlock a portal to the Anvil.

Indeed, you will have to obtain a quest item from each of the following bosses: Shannox, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor and Lord Rhyolith. Doing so will require you to perform a specific, unique task during each of the encounters. Initially, you will receive a version of the quest item, which is deemed "uncharged". This item then becomes "charged" once you have completed the required task. The quest item is called "focus" ("foci" is the plural form!). Therefore, on each of the four encounters you will have to deal with both an unchraged and a charged focus.

3.5.1. Shannox' Focus

Each time a Crystal Prison Trap is destroyed, three lootable objects appear on the ground, called Emberstone Fragments. You will need to loot these, and use them (right click them in your bags), which will create a Dull Emberstone Focus. You must then place this new item in the location of a Hurl Spear. To do this, simply be in the correct location (it is indicated by a red marker) and use the item. Since the damage from Hurl Spear is most likely lethal, you will want to move away quickly.

To ensure that you can make it to the Hurl Spear location in time, it is advised that you remain in close proximity to Riplimb, as Shannox tends to hurl his spear nearby.

If executed correctly, the Hurl Spear should charge the focus, turning it into a Charged Emberstone Focus, which can be looted from the ground. If, for whatever reason, this result failed to be achieved, you will have to attempt it all over again.

3.5.2. Beth'tilac's Focus

Each Cinderweb Drone drops three Chitinous Fragments when it dies. These items can be looted from the ground and using them will create a Dull Chitinous Focus. Then, simply climb up to the Beth'tilac level, use the item (which will place the focus on the ground), and descend before she casts Smoldering Devastation. When Beth'tilac casts Smoldering Devastation, the focus will become charged, and you can then simply climb back up to Beth'tilac's level to loot the Charged Chitinous Focus.

3.5.3. Alysrazor's Focus

Each time a Voracious Hatchling spawns from an egg, it will leave behind a Pyreshell Fragment. Loot three of these and use them to obtain a Dull Pyreshell Focus. Then, place this new item under Alysrazor during either Stage Three or Stage Four, and it will become a Charged Pyreshell Focus when the boss reaches 100 energy. Afterwards, simply loot it from the ground.

3.5.4. Lord Rhyolith's Focus

Each time Rhyolith performs a Concussive Stomp (though also at other, seemingly random times), Rhyolite Fragments will spawn around the edges of the platform. Loot three of these and use them to create a Dull Rhyolite Focus.

The Rhyolite Fragments look like piles of dirt on the ground, and should not be confused with the Fragment of Rhyolith adds which spawn during the encounter.

Then, simply place the Dull Rhyolite Focus underneath Lord Rhyolith right before a Concussive Stomp, and it will become charged. Loot the Charged Rhyolite Focus.

3.5.5. The Anvil of Conflagration and Volcanus the Firelord

Once you have obtained all 4 charged foci, you are able to unlock the teleporter which leads to the Anvil of Conflagration. This teleporter is located at the end of the Path of Corruption, a pathway which is found between the entrance to Beth'tilac's area and the one to Baleroc's.

Using the teleporter will send you (and the rest of your raid, assuming they use it as well) up to the Anvil of Conflagration. Here, you will have to face a three stage encounter, at the end of which you will receive the Branch of Nordrassil. We will detail the fight briefly, but to clarify, it is not a difficult encounter and your raid should have little trouble with it.

In the first phase, your raid will face a number of Harbingers of Flame. These mobs have very damaging spells which they will attempt to cast repeatedly, so make sure you assign proper interrupters for each of them. If interrupted, they present almost no threat at all.

In the second phase, your raid will face a Tormented Protector. This add will make use of three abilities.

  • Smoldering Roots, which will root every member in the raid. This effect deals 10,000 damage per second and is dispellable.
  • Blazing Stomp, which is an AoE attack that knocks everyone back 1000 yards and can only be avoided if you are rooted by Smoldering Roots.
  • Summon Burning Treants, which summons several Burning Treants. These adds move towards the Corrupted Protector and deal large amounts of fire damage in their proximity.

The strategy for this phase is rather simple. Your entire raid should stack up on top of the Corrupted Protector (and away from the center of the arena, because the Burning Treants spawn there) and DPS him. Healers should wait to dispel Smoldering Roots until after Blazing Stomp has been cast. Ranged DPS should focus on killing Burning Treants before they reach the raid.

In the third phase, your raid will face Volcanus the Firelord. This is a simple nuking phase, during which your raid will take large amounts of fire damage. In addition to this, several fire columns will move around the arena, which your raid members should avoid. Simply kill Volcanus.

After this, you will be able to loot the Branch of Nordrassil.

3.5.6. Optimising Your Drops

An important mention needs to be made here, which can save you a lot of trouble when collecting the Seething Cinders. All of the above steps for charging the foci (so the Shannox, Rhyolith, Beth'tilac and Alysrazor events) can be completed without actually killing any of the bosses. Thus, by completing the quests and wiping (intentionally), you can then get to and defeat Volcanus, after which you will be able to collect the Cinders off the first four bosses (by taking the relevant quests, listed and explained below).

3.6. Binding with Tarecgosa

At this point, Kalecgos has relocated to Coldarra. You will have to turn in Delegation to him there, after which he will offer you another quest, which simply rewards you with an early version of the legendary staff, Branch of Nordrassil.

Kalecgos will then give you the next quest in the chain, Emergency Extraction. It contains some lore-related role-playing and a cut-scene. Following this cut-scene, you find that Tarecgosa is mortally wounded. The quest At One is offered. This quest requires you to allow Kalecgos to "bind" Tarecgosa's essence to you.

3.7. The Second Collecting Stage

Kalecgos informs you that you must collect 1000 Seething Cinders, and provides you with Time Grows Short, the related quest. Seething Cinders are drops from bosses within the Firelands raid instance. The approximate drop numbers for Seething Cinders, based on raid size and difficulty are as follows (between parenthesis is indicated the number of full clears required to gather 1000 Seething Cinders):

  • in 10-man normal difficulty: 20-21 (7 to 8 full clears);
  • in 10-man heroic difficulty: 25 (6 to 7 full clears);
  • in 25-man normal difficulty: 50 (3 full clears);
  • in 25-man heroic difficulty: 60-65 (2 full clears + 2/3 bosses).

Once you have collected all the Seething Cinders, you need to return to Kalecgos, in Coldarra, to turn the quest in. Following a cut-scene, you will be offered the following quest, Alignment. This will reward you with the Runestaff of Nordrassil, an upgraded version of the Branch of Nordrassil, presumably of 391 item level.

The final stage of the quest chain requires you to venture into the Firelands once again in order to complete Heart of Flame. There are two parts to this quest.

Firstly, you will need to collect 250 Smouldering Essences. These are obtained from corpses of Firelands raid bosses. When bosses are killed by a raid where at least one player is on the quest Heart of Flame, their corpse receives a debuff called Smoldering. By using the "on use" effect of the Runestaff of Nordrassil on such a corpse, the caster will channel a 9 second cast of Siphon Essence. This will remove the Smouldering debuff from the corpse, and reward the caster with a number of Smouldering Essences. Ragnaros cannot be siphoned as he does not have a corpse.

The approximate drop numbers for Smouldering Essences, based on raid size and difficulty are as follows (between parenthesis is indicated the number of full clears required to gather 250 Smouldering Essences):

  • in 10-man normal difficulty: 3-6 (7-10 full clears);
  • in 10-man heroic difficulty: 6-8 (5-6 full clears);
  • in 25-man normal difficulty: 7-8 (5-6 full clears);
  • in 25-man heroic difficulty: 9-11 (4-5 full clears).

Secondly, you must loot the Heart of Flame from Ragnaros. It is obtainable simply by defeating Ragnaros with a player in the raid being on the Heart of Flame quest, and having the 250 Smoldering Essences already collected. There's a twist though: when that player engages Ragnaros, a specific debuff, Rage of Ragnaros, is applied to them. Every minute, they will pulse for a moderate amount of Fire damage and knock back all allies within 8 yards.

Essentially, your raid must complete the fight while dealing with this added challenge. Once Ragnaros is defeated, the Heart of Flame is lootable from the central lava pool.

On heroic mode, Rage of Ragnaros does not exist, and defeating Ragnaros simply grants the Heart of Flame.

Once you have obtained this last quest item, you will receive one final quest, The Stuff of Legends, which will award you the legendary item, after a great deal of role-playing action in your faction's capital city.

4. Rewards↑top

Aside from the designated player who obtains Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, there are two other rewards offered to the guild and all its members, as recognition for their continued support:

5. Final Considerations↑top

This concludes our guide to obtaining Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. As you can see, it is a lengthy process, which may prove to take months, but the rewards is most certainly worth the effort.

We hope you have found this guide helpful, and we'd love to hear any feedback you may have.

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