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New Darkmoon Faire Guide (WoW 4.3.4)

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The Darkmoon Faire has been entirely revamped following the release of Patch 4.3. The event now has its own location, the Darkmoon Island, and offers more rewards than before.

As its name indicates, the event is a faire during which you will be given mini-games to play and various other tasks to complete.

1. Overview↑top

The main matter of the Darkmoon Faire is the mini-games that many will probably do every day in order to gather enough tickets to purchase the rewards that they want. There are so many different rewards, that everyone should find a reason to participate in the faire.

In addition to the mini-games, the faire offers other, less efficient means to collect tickets and increase your reputation with the Darkmoon Faire, such as:

  • Profession skill-up quests;
  • Artifact gathering;
  • PvA Deathmatch;
  • etc.

We will detail them all in this guide.

1.1. Currency

The currency of the Darkmoon Faire is the Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Ticket. You will earn these tickets mostly through mini-games, though the faire provides other ways to get them.

1.2. Date and Timeline

The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly event. It always lasts exactly 1 week and starts one minute after midnight on the first Sunday of every month.

Every month, you will be able to earn at most 145 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets. This is enough to buy 1 interesting reward. There are so many interesting rewards that you will probably need to participate in the faire for many months before being able to get them all.

For players interested in reaching exalted standing with the Darkmoon Faire, this should take about 5 months, from neutral.

1.3. Location

The Darkmoon Faire is located on Darkmoon Island, where you will be able to teleport when the faire is running. Below, you will find a detailed map of the surrounding of the faire and indications as to where the relevant NPCs are located.

2. Rewards↑top

The Darkmoon Faire offers a variety of rewards, from temporary buffs to exotic pets and mounts. Most of these rewards are purchased with Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

2.1. Sayge's Buffs

Sayge is a Darkmoon Faire NPC who provides you with various temporary buffs (such as +10% Intellect). These buffs can be useful when leveling up a character, especially since they do not require anything else than going the Darkmoon Island and talking to Sayge. Unfortunately, these buffs disappear when you enter a dungeon or a raid instance.

Since obtaining these buffs requires you to interact with Sayge in a particular way, a specific section of the guide is dedicated to them.

2.2. Vanity Items

Gelvas Grimegate sells a number of Darkmoon Faire vanity items.

Darkmoon "Tiger"Temporary and Stationary Ride1 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Cloak of the Darkmoon FaireRole Play Gear90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon "Sword"Role Play Gear20 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon FlowerRole Play Gear1 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon HammerRole Play Gear160 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Storage Box14-slot Bag1 Darkmoon Prize Ticket

2.3. Darkmoon Firework

In addition to selling a number of fireworks items that can be bought from many other vendors, Boomie Sparks also sells Darkmoon Firework, which is specific to the Darkmoon Faire and needed for one of the Darkmoon Faire achievements.

2.4. Pets & Mounts

The pets and mounts are sold by Lhara and Gelvas Grimegate for Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Darkmoon BalloonPetLhara or Gelvas Grimegate90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon CubPetLhara90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon MonkeyPetLhara90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon TonkPetLhara90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon TurtlePetLhara90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon ZeppelinPetLhara90 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Darkmoon Dancing BearMountLhara180 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Swift Forest StriderMountLhara180 Darkmoon Prize Ticket

A Sea Pony pet can also be fished in the sea around Darkmoon Island.

2.5. Heirlooms

Daenrand Dawncrest sells all the level 80 Heirloom items for Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

ItemTypeMain StatisticsCost
Tattered Dreadmist MantleCloth ShouldersIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Tattered Dreadmist RobeCloth ChestIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Preened Ironfeather ShouldersLeather ShouldersIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Preened Ironfeather BreastplateLeather ChestIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Stained Shadowcraft SpauldersLeather ShouldersAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Stained Shadowcraft TunicLeather ChestAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Mystical Pauldrons of ElementsMail ShouldersIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Mystical Vest of ElementsMail ChestIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Champion Herod's ShoulderMail ShouldersAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Champion's Deathdealer BreastplateMail ChestAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Polished Spaulders of ValorPlate ShouldersStrength110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Polished Breastplate of ValorPlate ChestStrength110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Burnished Pauldrons of MightPlate ShouldersStrength/Parry110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Burnished Breastplate of MightPlate ChestStrength/Dodge110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Devout Aurastone HammerTwo-Hand MaceIntellect110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Dignified Headmaster's ChargeStaffIntellect160 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Balanced Heartseeker1.7 One-Hand DaggerAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Venerable Mass of McGowanOne-Hand MaceAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred ChargeMain Hand SwordAgility110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Charmed Ancient Bone BowBowAgility160 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Repurposed Lava DredgerTwo-Hand MaceAgility160 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Bloodied Arcanite ReaperTwo-Hand AxeStrength160 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Bloodsoaked Skullforge ReaverMain Hand SwordStrength/Parry110 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Discerning Eye of the BeastTrinketIntellect130 Darkmoon Prize Ticket
Swift Hand of JusticeTrinketHaste130 Darkmoon Prize Ticket

2.6. Item Sets Replicas for Transmogrification

Barum and Baruma sell replicas for the Dungeon Sets 1 and 2 that have been removed from the game when Cataclysm was released. Wrists, Hands, Waist, and Feet items cost 55 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets while Head, Shoulders, Chest, and Legs items cost 75 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets. In total, this makes 18 sets that you can use for transmogrification, 6 Cloth sets, 4 Leather sets, 4 Mail sets, and 4 Plate sets.

Each set used to correspond to a specific class, and each class had one Dungeon Set 1 and one Dungeon Set 2 (remember that, at the time, Death Knights had not yet been introduced to the game). The class restrictions do not exist for the replica armor sets, so you can use all the sets that match the armor type of your class (Cloth for Mages, Leather for Rogues, etc.).

Dreadmist Raiment Deathmist Raiment Magister's Regalia Sorcerer's Regalia Vestments of the Devout Vestments of the Virtuous
Shadowcraft Armor Darkmantle Armor Wildheart Raiment Feralheart Armor Beaststalker Armor Beastmaster Armor
The Elements The Five Thunders Battlegear of Heroism Battlegear of Valor Lightforge Armor Soulforge Armor

2.7. Darkmoon Cards

The Darkmoon Card trinkets are not an integral part of the event and are not, technically speaking, rewards for doing the Darkmoon Faire. These are items that you can obtain after spending either a lot of time or a lot of gold crafting or trading cards until you obtain an entire deck. Turning in this deck is the only step of the process that requires the Darkmoon Faire, as the NPC that gives Darkmoon Cards in exchange for the decks is located on Darkmoon Island (an area only accessible during the Darkmoon Faire).

The item level 359 Darkmoon Cards are the following:

There are also even older cards, from past expansions, which we chose not to mention here.

2.8. Achievements

The following 10 achievements are related to the Darkmoon Faire:

Note that there is no meta-achievement or title related to the Darkmoon Faire.

2.9. Fishing in Wreckage Pools

By using Water Walking Icon Water Walking or Elixir of Water Walking, you will be able to fish in wreckage pools specific to Darkmoon Island. These pools contain level 85 materials such as ores or volatiles, level 80+ potions, and the special Darmoon Faire battle elixir: Darkmoon Firewater. These pools also contain the food and drinks needed for some of the achievements (although these can be also bought from vendors).

3. Getting to the Darkmoon Faire↑top

The Darkmoon Faire takes place on Darkmoon Island. To get there, there are only two portals that you can take. One is located just south of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest and the other one is located just south-west of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore.

Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages (Alliance/Horde) are present in every major city and for 30 Silver, they will teleport you to the Darkmoon Island portal of your faction.

3.1. Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages

When the Darkmoon Faire is running, you will find Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mages (Alliance/Horde) at the following locations.

  • Alliance locations
    • Darnassus: next to the portal to Rut'theran Village
    • Exodar: outside the Bank
    • Ironforge: outside the Auction House
    • Stormwind City: outside the Auction House in the Trade District
  • Horde locations
    • Orgrimmar: next to the Flight Master
    • Silvermoon City: at the entrance of the city
    • Thunder Bluff: at the base of the central totem tower
    • Undercity: in the Trade Quarter
  • Neutral locations
    • Dalaran: in the middle of Runeweaver Square
    • Shattrath: outside the Auction House

3.2. First Timers

If you have never been to Darmoon Island before, you should talk to the nearest Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage (Alliance/Horde) in order to be given the The Darkmoon Faire (Alliance/Horde) quest. Completing this quest will give you a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide (needed for collecting artifacts) and your first 5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

As soon as you teleport to Darkmoon Island for the first time, you will be rewarded with the Come One, Come All! achievement.

4. Obtaining Sayge's Buffs↑top

To get a buff from Sayge, you need to talk to him, at the Darkmoon Faire.

At first, he offers you 4 different conversation choices that we numbered from 1 to 4 in descending order. Whatever conversation choice you make, you will have to make a second choice between 3 possibilities that we numbered from 1 to 3 in descending order. After choosing this second possibility, you will be granted a buff.

Below, we have listed the various buffs that he gives and the conversation choices that you must make in order to obtain them. Note that the same conversation choices will always lead to the same buff.

After obtaining a buff, you cannot talk to him again before a few hours have passed.

5. Testing Your Strength↑top

Every month you get a chance to test your strength by completing the Test Your Strength quest given to you by Kerri Hicks in Darkmoon Island.

Completing this quest requires you to kill 250 creatures that offer experience or honor (while being in possession of the Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide). It rewards 10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets and 250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

6. Profession Skill-ups↑top

Every month, you can do the 6 profession skill-up quests (for your 2 main professions and 4 secondary professions, even if they are maxed out). Each of these quests rewards 5 skill points in the corresponding profession, 1 Darkmoon Game Token (required to play the mini-games), 3 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets (4 for the main profession quests) and 250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

It appears as if you need a skill of 75 in your profession before being able to obtain the corresponding quest.

Below, you will find the list of profession skill-up quests. Note that none of them is difficult or complicated, so we will not go beyond listing them.

The quests for Alchemy, Archeology, Cooking, Inscription, Leatherworking, and Tailoring will require you to wander outside Darkmoon Island.

6.1. Achievement

Completing the profession skill-up quests related to your 6 professions (2 main professions and 4 secondary professions) will reward you with the Faire Favors achievement.

7. Mini Games↑top

Most of the Darkmoon Faire rewards are bought with Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets. The most efficient way to collect these tickets is to do the daily quests associated to each of the 5 mini-games currently available at the Darkmoon Faire (more games might be added later on, as several buildings are not finished yet).

Each daily quest rewards 1 tickets (meaning that you can earn 5 tickets a day with the daily quests) and 250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire (meaning that you can earn 1,250 reputation a day with the daily quests).

Note that you can do the mini-games over and over again, as long as you have Darkmoon Game Tokens to pay the entry fee.

7.1. Darkmoon Game Tokens

Each of the mini-games require you to pay an entry fee of 1 Darkmoon Game Token. These can be bought from Zina Sharpworth (right at the entrance), Sazz Coincatcher (further down the right), and Trixi Sharpworth (next to the Deathmatch Arena). The prices are the following:

These tokens can also be obtained by doing the profession skill-up quests (though in very limited quantities).

7.2. Whack-a-Gnoll!

Darkmoon Faire - Whack-a-Gnoll The Whack-a-Gnoll game is associated with the It's Hammer Time daily quest. In the ring, there are 9 barrels, out of which three types of creatures randomly appear. You must smack them with a hammer (by pressing '1') before they disappear. You will be presented with 3 possible types of creatures, all of which are shown in the screenshot on the right:

  • smacking a Doll stuns you for a few seconds and awards 0 points;
  • smacking a Gnoll awards 1 point;
  • smacking a Hogger Gnoll awards 3 points.

30 points are needed to complete the daily quest. If you cannot obtain them in the time alloted by the mini-game, you can simply play again. Your points are carried over from one game to the other.

7.3. The Darkmoon Cannon!

Darkmoon Faire - The Darkmoon Cannon The Darkmoon Cannon game is associated with the The Humanoid Cannonball. The idea is to climb in a cannon that will fire you off the ground. Then, you initiate the fall by pressing '1'. The objective is to land in a circle off the Darkmoon Faire docks (at the southern extremity of the island):

  • landing outside the circle stuns you for a few seconds and awards 0 points;
  • landing inside the circle awards 1 point;
  • landing close to the center awards 3 points;
  • landing exactly in the center awards 5 points (and the Blastenheimer Bullseye achievement).

The daily quest requires you to obtain 5 points and you need a precise timing to make it inside the circle. Landing exactly in the middle of the circle is extremely difficult, so many players will require 3 or more attempts to complete the daily quest (after an attempt, you can talk to Teleportologist Fozlebub next to the circle, to get back to the cannon).

This game is very sensitive to lag and players who have a varying latency will find it hard to initiate the fall at the right time.

7.4. Shooting Gallery!

Darkmoon Faire - Shooting Gallery The Shooting Gallery game is associated with the He Shoots, He Scores! daily quest. In the stand, there are 3 targets. Every few seconds, one gets marked with a green arrow and you need to make your character face it before pressing '1' to fire at it.

The daily quest requires you to hit 25 targets. When a target is marked, you only have time to hit it twice before it gets unmarked. Then, you need to wait a few seconds before another target is marked. When no target is marked, you cannot hit anything. Taking all this into account, it will always require you to play at least twice to finish the daily quest.

7.5. Tonk Challenge!

Darkmoon Faire - Tonk Challenge The Tonk Challenge game is associated with the Tonk Commander daily quest. In the ring, there are targets that you need to hit by making your tank face them before pressing '1'. The objective of the daily quest is to hit 30 such targets and completing it will often require you to play the game several times.

You need to be aware of the fact that there will be enemy tanks in the ring. You hit them in the same way that you hit the targets, by facing them and pressing '1'. When you are facing both an enemy tank and a target, you will random hit one of them, upon pressing '1'. If the enemy tank is hit, it will most likely start attacking you, in which case you will have to destroy it before it destroys you. If your tank gets destroyed, you can simply start over; your kill count will not be reset.

Note that when targeted by an enemy tank (a green arrow will appear on top of your tank), you can hit '2' to use your second ability. This will make your tank sprint for a few seconds, making the enemy tank lose sight of you.

7.6. Ring Toss!

Darkmoon Faire - Ring Toss The Ring Toss game is associated with the Target: Turtle daily quest. The objective of the daily quest is to land 3 rings on the Darkmoon Turtle that walks inside the arena (you need to remain in the stand to be able to toss the rings). To toss a ring, press '1', target the turtle with the mouse and left-click.

Even if you perfectly aimed at the turtle, there is no guarantee that the ring will actually land on the turtle, as the landing location of the rings is somewhat random. One way to complete the daily quest is to spam rings when the turtle stops moving, hoping to have 3 of them landing properly.

7.7. Achievements

The mini-games enable you to complete 3 achievements:

  • Step Right Up will be completed as soon as you have played all 5 different mini-games.
  • Quick Shot requires you to hit the target as soon as it is highlighted when when playing the Shooting Gallery game. Note that a Quick Shot counts as 2 hits. You can normally hit the target again after a Quick Shot, making it possible to complete the daily quest in one mini-game.
  • Blastenheimer Bullseye requires you to make a perfect landing (in the exact middle of the circle) when playing the Darkmoon Cannon game.

8. PvA Deathmatch↑top

The PvA Deathmatch is organised every 3 hours (00:00, 03:00, and so on) at the Deathmatch Ring, the large building located in the south western part of the faire.

The Deathmatch is a free for all event that lasts until someone manages to loot the chest in the middle of the ring. During the event, every other player is your enemy and can attack you, whether they are Alliance or Horde. Only players in your own party will show as friendly. The cast for opening the chest is quite long, 8 seconds, and anyone can easily interrupt you. This makes it almost mandatory to go there with a group of friends so that they can protect you while you open the chest.

To enter, simply click the gate of the Deathmatch Ring, right behind Korgol Crushskull at the entrance of the building.

Looting the chest rewards you with Pit Fighter, an item level 365 tanking trinket. This item starts the Pit Fighter quest. Turning it in gives you the Master Pit Fighter quest. To complete this second quest, you need to win the Deathmatch 12 times. After completing this assignment, you will be rewarded with Master Pit Fighter, an item level 378 tanking trinket.

8.1. Achievements

Winning the PvA Deathmatch will reward you with the Darkmoon Duelist achievement. Winning 12 times will reward you with the Darkmoon Dominator Feat of Strength.

9. Artifacts↑top

Thanks to your Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide, you can loot artifacts that you would not normally see. There is a total of 9 artifacts. Each of them can only be collected while doing something specific (running a dungeon or playing in a battleground). Each artifact starts a quest that you can turn in at the Darkmoon Faire and that rewards 15 Darkmoon Prize Ticket Icon Darkmoon Prize Tickets as well as 250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

Note that artifacts can be traded between players and on the Auction House.

The only constraint when turning in artifacts is that you can only turn them in once per Darkmoon Faire. This means that you can turn all 9 artifacts during a Darkmoon Faire, and then again at the next Darkmoon Faire, and so on.

The 9 artifacts are:

9.1. Achievements

Collecting all 5 dungeon artifacts will grant you the Darkmoon Dungeoneer achievement.

Collecting all 3 battleground artifacts will grant you the Darkmoon Defender achievement.

Collecting all the artifacts will grant you the Darkmoon Despoiler achievements.

10. Obtaining Darkmoon Cards↑top

The Darkmoon Cards are not an integral part of the event. These trinkets are obtained after a crafting (Inscription only) and trading process that can be long or costly, depending on whether you decide to gather the materials and craft the items yourself. Only the last step requires the Darkmoon Faire to be up, so that you can trade what you have created for one of the Darkmoon Cards.

Cards from Wrath of the Lich King and before can still be obtained, but we will not detail them here, the process for obtaining them being exactly the same (albeit with different Inscription spells) as with the current cards. These current cards are:

To obtain these cards, you first need to craft or buy cards until you have a complete set of 8 cards. Once you have a complete set, you can exchange it with the corresponding Darkmoon Card when the Darkmoon Faire is running. The process of completing the set involves quite a bit of randomness and this is why you often see people trading cards in chat to complete their sets.

There are 4 sets of cards (Embers, Stones, Waves, and Winds) each of them being made of 8 cards (Ace to Eight). These cards are created by a unique Inscription ability: Darkmoon Card of Destruction. Every time you use it, it will create a random card from a random set, so you only have 1 chance out of 32 to obtain a specific card. Crafting a card costs 10 Inferno Ink (which equals to 20 Burning Embers), 30 Volatile Life and 1 Resilient Parchment. The 4 sets of cards are the following:

AceAce of EmbersAce of StonesAce of WavesAce of the Winds
TwoTwo of EmbersTwo of StonesTwo of WavesTwo of the Winds
ThreeThree of EmbersThree of StonesThree of WavesThree of the Winds
FourFour of EmbersFour of StonesFour of WavesFour of the Winds
FiveFive of EmbersFive of StonesFive of WavesFive of the Winds
SixSix of EmbersSix of StonesSix of WavesSix of the Winds
SevenSeven of EmbersSeven of StonesSeven of WavesSeven of the Winds
EightEight of EmbersEight of StonesEight of WavesEight of the Winds

Once you have a complete set, you simply need to right-click one of the cards to create an item that will start a new quest that can only be turned in during the Darkmoon Faire and the reward of which is one of the Darkmoon Cards:

Set of CardsItem CreatedQuest ObtainedReward
EmbersVolcanic DeckDarkmoon Volcanic DeckDarkmoon Card: Volcano
StonesEarthquake DeckDarkmoon Earthquake DeckDarkmoon Card: Earthquake
WavesTsunami DeckDarkmoon Tsunami DeckDarkmoon Card: Tsunami
WindsHurricane DeckDarkmoon Hurricane DeckDarkmoon Card: Hurricane or Darkmoon Card: Hurricane

Note that each of these quests also gives 350 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire. Turning older decks only rewards 25 reputation.

11. Reputation Grind↑top

Every month, you can gain 11,750 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire by doing the core activities. This means that you will need 5 Darkmoon Faires (or 5 months) to grind your way to exalted, from neutral. We consider the following to be the core activities:

  • Mini-games: 1,250 (5x250) reputation per day, so 8,750 per Darkmoon Faire;
  • Profession skill-ups: 1,500 (6x250) reputation per Darkmoon Faire;
  • Testing your strength: 250 reputation per Darkmoon Faire.
  • Artifacts: 2,250 (9*250) reputation per Darkmoon Faire.

Note that by doing the daily quests as soon as the Darkmoon Faire is up, and before the daily quest reset, you can do them 8 times per Darkmoon Faire (instead of only 7 times).

Finally, turning in decks of cards for obtaining Darkmoon Card trinkets will always reward 350 reputation. Keep in mind that grinding reputation this way will cost you quite a bit of gold.

Mini-games and the profession skill-up quests continue awarding reputation all the way to exalted.

Winning the PvA Deathmatch rewards no reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.

12. Darkmoon Faire Concert — Tauren Chieftains↑top

Darkmoon Faire - Concert Tauren Chieftains Every hour, at the concert stage located next to the docks, on the western side of the faire, people will be able to witness a concert of the Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain band, the virtual alter ego of The Tauren Chieftains, a band formed by Blizzard employees, including Mike Morhaime (CEO) and Samwise Didier (Art Director). The band will play their usual Power of the Horde song. More information can be found on WoWWiki.

13. Remaining Achievements↑top

This section will cover the achievements that have not been described yet, because they are not related to a particular event of the Darkmoon Faire: Fairegoer's Feast, I Was Promised a Pony, and Taking the Show on the Road (Alliance/Horde).

13.1. Fairegoer's Feast

The Fairegoer's Feast achievement requires you to taste all 10 types of food sold by Stamp Thunderhorn and all 8 types of drinks sold by Sylannia. These two NPCs are located within the Darkmoon Faire, slightly south of the Tonk Challenge ring.

13.2. I Was Promised a Pony

To complete the I Was Promised a Pony achievement, simply go to the animal farm, just south of the Ring Toss arena. There, find a Darkmoon Pony and ride it (right-click it).

13.3. Taking the Show on the Road

To complete the Taking the Show on the Road (Alliance/Horde) achievement, buy 6 Darkmoon Fireworks from Boomie Sparks at the Darkmoon Faire and launch them off in the 4 capital cities of your faction as well as in Shattrath City and Dalaran.

14. Conclusion↑top

If you have read us this far, we would like to thank you for the time you spent on the site and we hope that the guide brought you all the information you needed. You can rest assured that the information presented here will be updated as the Darkmoon Faire evolves.

As always, we would be pleased to read any feedback that you have (typos, suggestions, praise, etc.) by e-mail or in a comment below.

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