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Pirates' Day Guide (patch 4.3.4)

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Every year, on the 19th of September, World of Warcrat celebrates Pirates' Day, a virtual counterpart of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a holiday created in 1995 by two friends with a lot of imagination.

For more information, see the official website of the holiday.

1. Overview↑top

The event is extremely short and simple: you have to earn an achievement by talking to a particular NPC.

If you are interested in role-playing, the event can become slightly more interesting.

2. The Captain's Booty↑top

The Captain's Booty is the achievement you can earn by participating in the Pirates' Day event.

You complete the achievement by meeting with Dread Captain DeMeza, in Booty Bay. When talking to her, she offers you the possibility to drink with her. If you accept, the achievement is completed and you are buffed with Dread Corsair, which makes you look like a pirate.

The exact location of Dread Captain DeMeza is on the roof of the bank of Booty Bay. With flying mounts, you can easily get there. By foot, simply enter the tavern, walk up the stairs until you find yourself on the platform at the top. From there, you can jump on the bank's roof.

If your standing with Booty Bay is Hated, you will be glad to know that you can still earn the achievement, as DeMeza and her crew are not affiliated with Booty Bay.

3. Role-playing↑top

Those interested in role-playing will find some further interests in participating in Pirates' Day.

Dread Corsair lasts for 12 hours. You can have it reapplied by Dread Captain DeMeza if you speak with her again. Commoners in capital cities also have the ability to reapply the buff, albeit only for 1 hour.

When under the effect of Dread Corsair, your main-hand and off-hand weapons are still visible. This gives you opportunities to further customise your looks on this special day, by using some of the following weapons:

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