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Pilgrim's Bounty 2011 Guide (patch 4.3.4)

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Pilgrim's Bounty - Main Image The Pilgrim's Bounty event is the World of Warcraft counterpart of Thanksgiving. As a consequence, it always happens in November, around the time of Thanksgiving.

Even though the event lasts a whole week, it only contains a handful of achievements to complete. For many players, the main incentive for participating is the very easy and very cheap Cooking skill-up (from 1 to 355) that the event offers.

Also, the meta-achievement for completing the Pilgrim's Bounty does not count towards What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been Icon What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been (Alliance/Horde).

1. Overview↑top

The Pilgrim's Bounty event provides with a variety of tasks to complete, which can be broken down as follows:

  • Doing cooking quests, for the Now We're Cookin' (Alliance/Horde) achievement;
  • Doing daily quests;
  • Sitting at Bountiful Tables.

A number of achievements will automatically be obtained while doing these tasks. For the remaining achievements, we explain how you should proceed.

1.1. Eligibility

Most of the event can be completed by characters of any level, provided that they have a high enough cooking skill (280). This is usually not a problem since the event enables you to easily increase your cooking skill from 1 to 355.

One of the achievements requires players to venture in an Outland dungeon (on normal difficulty), something that requires level 55.

1.2. Food

The event revolves around 5 types of food. As we keep mentioning them during the guide, we felt best to list them at the beginning of the guide:

1.3. Location

You will find Pilgrim's Bounty NPCs and Bountiful Tables in each of the main capital cities:

Darnassus (A) Exodar (A)
Pilgrim's Bounty - Darnassus Pilgrim's Bounty - Exodar
Ironforge (A) Stormwind (A)
Pilgrim's Bounty - Ironforge Pilgrim's Bounty - Stormwind
Orgrimmar (H) Silvermoon City (H)
Pilgrim's Bounty - Orgrimmar Pilgrim's Bounty - Silvermoon
Thunder Bluff (H) Undercity (H)
Pilgrim's Bounty - Thunder Bluff Pilgrim's Bounty - Undercity

In addition, you will find Bountiful Tables in many villages:

  • Alliance
    • Azure Watch, Chillwind Camp, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Westfall, and Wildhammer Keep;
  • Horde
    • Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Falconwing Square, Hammerfall, Razor Hill, Revantusk Village, Sepulcher, Shadowprey Village, Stonard, Tarren Mill, and Tranquillien;
  • Neutral
    • Light's Hope Chapel and Ruins of Thaurissan.

1.4. Timeline

The event lasts for a week, but most achievements can be completed on the first day. Only Turkey Lurkey requires you to play for a second day (because you need to gather 8 items but can only obtain 5 in a single day)

For 2011, the event will start on the 20th of November and will end on the 26th of the same month.

1.5. Rewards

The Pilgrim's Bounty only has one vanity pet and a few achievements to rewards players participating in it. There is also a reputation buff that some players will be interested in.

1.5.1. Buff

The Spirit of Sharing is obtained by interacting with Bountiful Tables (see the related section of the guide). The reputation buff that it gives will interest players who are keen on grinding reputation.

1.5.2. Pet

Pilgrim's Bounty - Turkey Cage Turkey Cage is the only item rewarded by the Pilgrim's Bounty event.

1.5.3. Achievements and Title

2. Do Not Forget Your Chef's Hat↑top

This event involves a lot of cooking, so if you have obtained a Chef's Hat (sold in Dalaran for 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards), do not forget to use it!

3. Introductory Quests↑top

Pilgrim's Bounty (Alliance/Horde) is given by commoners in capital cities and smaller towns. It takes you to the main Pilgrim's Bounty area for your faction: Stormwind for Alliance players and Undercity for Horde players.

After completing it, you can take Sharing a Bountiful Feast (Sharing a Bountiful Feast/Sharing a Bountiful Feast), which will give you a first experience at sitting at a Bountiful Table.

After completing these two quests, you are all set to enter the event.

4. The "Now We're Cookin'" Achievement↑top

Obtaining the Now We're Cookin' (Alliance/Horde) achievement requires a cooking skill of at least 280. First of all, you will need to purchase a Bountiful Cookbook (Alliance/Horde) from Wilmina Holbeck just outside of Stormwind (Alliance) or Dalni Tallgrass just outside of Orgrimmar (Horde). This cookbook contains the 5 recipes that you will need to learn to complete the achievement:

All of these recipes count for the Chef de Cuisine achievement (and all the other lesser achievements of the same kind).

Once you have learned all the recipes, you need to cook them. All of these recipes, save one, have one ingredient that can only be bought in a specific capital city. Therefore, you will need to visit three of your capital cities to get this achievement. At the same time, you can also do the quest chain started by Spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance/Horde).

  • Spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance/Horde) (Stormwind/Undercity)
    • Cooking this item requires:
      • Spice Bread, the ingredients of which can be bought from a Pilgrim's Bounty vendor;
      • Autumnal Herbs (which can be bought from the Pilgrim's Bounty vendors outside of capital cities, as the tooltip says.
    • Make 10 Spice Bread Stuffings. 5 are needed to complete Spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance/Horde) and 5 are needed to complete another quest later on in the chain.
    • Hand in the food and get the follow-up quest, Pumpkin Pie (Alliance/Horde).
  • Pumpkin Pie (Alliance/Horde) (Stormwind -> Ironforge / Undercity -> Orgrimmar)
    • Cooking this item requires:
    • Make 10 (5 if you play Horde) Pumpkin Pies. 5 are needed to complete Pumpkin Pie (Alliance/Horde) and 5 are needed, if you play Alliance, to complete another quest later on in the chain.
    • Go to Ironforge/Orgrimmar to hand in the food and get the follow-up quest, Cranberry Chutney (Alliance/Horde).
  • Cranberry Chutney (Alliance/Horde) (Ironforge -> Stormwind / Orgrimmar -> Thunder Bluff)
  • Alliance: They're Ravenous In Darnassus (Stormwind -> Darnassus)
    • This quest requires you to go to Darnassus and hand in the extra food we made you cook during the previous steps. Then, you will get the follow-up quest, Candied Sweet Potatoes.
  • Alliance: Candied Sweet Potatoes (Darnassus -> Stormwind)
  • Horde: Candied Sweet Potatoes (Thunder Bluff -> Orgrimmar)
  • Horde: Undersupplied in the Undercity (Orgrimmar -> Undercity)
    • This quest requires you to go to Undercity and hand in the extra food we made you cook during the previous steps. Then, you will get the follow-up quest, Slow-roasted Turkey.
  • Slow-roasted Turkey (Alliance/Horde) (Stormwind -> Darnassus / Undercity -> Orgrimmar)
    • Cooking this item requires:
    • Make 5 Slow-roasted Turkeys then go to Darnassus/Orgrimmar to complete the quest chain and obtain your 7-day vanity item: Turkey Caller.

4.1. Leveling Cooking Skill Up To 355

You can use the cooking recipes from the Now We're Cookin' (Alliance/Horde) achievement to easily level up a character's cooking skill up to 355, as the ingredients can be bought without limit from the vendors and at a very low cost.

5. Daily Quests↑top

The Pilgrim's Bounty event comes with 5 daily quests for which you need to have learned the 5 cooking recipes that the event offers (see the previous section):

Each time you complete one of these daily quests, you get +150 reputation with a capital city of your faction and you can choose 1 of 6 possible rewards:

These items are needed to obtain the Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance/Horde), Terokkar Turkey Time, and Turkey Lurkey achievements.

5.1. Tips for Completing the Daily Quests

Below, you will find instructions for doing the daily quests efficiently (i.e., without having to keep travelling from one capital city to the other).

5.1.1. Alliance

5.1.2. Horde

Horde players will need to travel more than Alliance players to complete these quets.

5.2. Achievements

5.2.1. Pilgrim's Progress

Doing all the daily quests will automatically complete the Pilgrim's Progress (Alliance/Horde) achievement.

5.2.2. Terokkar Turkey Time

Pilgrim's Bounty - Ikiss To complete Terokkar Turkey Time, simply wear a Pilgrim's Hat together with a Pilgrim's Dress, a Pilgrim's Robe, or a Pilgrim's Attire, and, in this outfit, go kill Talon King Ikiss in Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls.

5.2.3. Turkey Lurkey

To complete Turkey Lurkey, you need to use the Turkey Shooter from the daily quest on 8 rogues, each of a different race. Note that the Turkey Shooter only has one use, so you will need 8 of them to complete the achievement.

Finding rogues of your faction should not be problematic. For rogues of the opposing faction, we advise you to try the Molten Front (where the Firelands dailies take place) or battlegrounds.

6. Bountiful Tables↑top

Pilgrim's Bounty - Bountiful Table Bountiful Tables are found outside capital and minor cities during the Pilgrim's Bounty event. There are 4 achievements that you can get by interacting with them: "FOOD FIGHT!", Pilgrim's Paunch (Alliance/Horde), Sharing is Caring, and Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance/Horde).

Before explaining how to get the achievements, it is important that we detail how these tables work.

6.1. How Does It Work?

Bountiful Tables are made for you to sit at them. To this end, each table is equipped with 5 chairs on which you can sit down, each of them allowing you to interact with a different kind of Pilgrim's Bounty food:

In front of each chair, you will find a plate (possibly empty).

When you sit on a chair, you get a new action bar that enables you to do the following:

Pilgrim's Bounty - Action Bar
  • Button 1 will pass around a bit of food associated to your chair (Pumpkin Pie on The Pie Chair, for example):
    • If you are targeting an empty chair, then you will deposit food in the plate in front of this chair.
    • If you are targeting a player sitting right next to you, then you will deposit food in their plate.
    • If you are targeting a player sitting on the opposite side of the table or sitting at another table, then you will throw food at their face.
  • Buttons 2 to 6 will make you eat a kind of food, if someone from a different chair had put some on your plate (by using their Button 1 and targeting your plate) or if you are sitting at the food's chair.
    • Button 2: Slow-roasted Turkey;
    • Button 3: Cranberry Chutney;
    • Button 4: Spice Bread Stuffing;
    • Button 5: Candied Sweet Potato;
    • Button 6: Pumpkin Pie.

6.2. Achievements

6.2.1. "FOOD FIGHT!"

Find a Bountiful Table with at least one other player sitting at it. Sit down at this table on the opposite side from this player. Target this player (or the chair they are sitting on), and pass them food (press the Button 1) repeatedly until you get the "FOOD FIGHT!" achievement (only a handful of attempts are usually necessary).

6.2.2. Sharing is Caring

Note that you can do the Sharing is Caring achievement while completing Pilgrim's Paunch (Alliance/Horde), as we explain in the next section.

To complete Sharing is Caring, you need to pass each of the 5 kinds of food that you can find at a Bountiful Table. The easy way to do it is to find an empty table and sit down on each of the 5 chairs, each time passing the food associated with the chair.

6.2.3. Pilgrim's Paunch

To complete the Pilgrim's Paunch (Alliance/Horde) achievement, you need to eat the 5 kinds of food at a Bountiful Table, 5 times (this give the The Spirit of Sharing buff), outside each of the capital cities of your faction.

The easy way to do it is to sit down on every chair at an empty Bountiful Table, every time passing the food to the plate in front of the 5th chair on which you will sit. When you sit down on the last chair, you can eat all the food that you have been passing 5 times. This also enables you to complete Sharing is Caring, if you pass the food from the 5th chair.

6.2.4. Pilgrim's Peril

To complete the Pilgrim's Peril (Alliance/Horde) achievement, you need to sit at a Bountiful Table in each of the capital cities of the enemy faction, while wearing either a Pilgrim's Dress, a Pilgrim's Robe, or a Pilgrim's Attire (obtained by doing the daily quests, see section above):

  • For Alliance: Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, and Silvermoon City.
  • For Horde: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar.

In most cities, completing the objective will be made easier by the fact that the Pilgrim's Bounty area is outside the city. In Darnassus, however, the event area is inside the city, at the Warrior's Terrace.

To make it easier to reach the tables, you can use a Lesser Invisibility Potion or do your attempts early in the morning.

7. The Last Achievement: The Turkinator↑top

Pilgrim's Bounty - Wild Turkey Completing the The Turkinator requires you to kill 40 Wild Turkey while never allowing 30 seconds to elapse between two successive kills. Basically, each time you kill a turkey, you get a new stack of a 30-second buff. If you allow the buff to drop, you have to start over. If you reach 40 stacks, you earn the achievement.

We do not advise you to attempt this achievement during peak hours, as you will struggle to find Wild Turkey in Elwynn Forest or Tirisfal Glades (the only places where they spawn).

Go for the achievement early in the morning or late at night. Additionally, if your server has a very low population for the opposing faction, you can go to their area to hunt for the turkeys. If you are Alliance, try your luck in Tirisfal Glades. If you are Horde, try your luck in Elwynn Forest. The Venomweb Vale in Tirisfal Glades is perfect for the achievement, according to one of our readers.

A final piece of advice is to use a macro along the lines of:

  • /tar Wild Turkey
  • /cast Ice Lance

Replace Ice Lance Icon Ice Lance by whatever instant-cast ranged ability you want to use to kill the turkeys.

Hunters can track these beasts by using Track Beasts Icon Track Beasts, while other classes can do so by eating Tracker Snacks.

8. Conclusion↑top

By the time you reach this conclusion, you should have earned all the possible achievements and the Turkey Cage reward that this event has to offer. We hope that you found the guide satisfactory and if you have any remarks, we would be glad if you could leave them as a comment below.

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