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Lunar Festival 2012 Guide (patch 4.3.4)

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The Lunar Festival is the World of Warcraft counterpart of the Chinese New Year.

The event mostly revolves around firing up fireworks and visiting Elders throughout the World of Warcraft. Most of the task to perform are open to players of any level, with the exception of killing Omen, the boss of the event, in Moonglade.

The event takes place in capital cities, Moonglade, and many villages where Elders can be found. Many rewards can be earned, though most people will solely focus on the pet reward.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to complete the event.

1. Overview↑top

The Lunar Festival is a rather short event during which you will mostly spend your time visiting elders to gather the coins that you need to buy the rewards. In addition, there is a small event in Moonglade during which you can kill Omen.

1.1. Date and Timeline

The Lunar Festival is a 3-week event. This year, it will start on January the 22nd and finish on February the 12th.

There are no daily tasks, so the entire event can be completed in a single day, if you wish to do so.

1.2. Location and Relevant NPCs

The event starts in any of the capital cities. Lunar Festival NPCs will give you the first of the introductory quests. Then, you are sent to Moonglade where you will find the reward vendors Fariel Starsong and Valadar Starsong (who also gives you the last quest). Lunar Festival Vendors also sell fireworks in capital cities during the event.

In addition, you can visit the elders located in many cities and villages of World of Warcraft. They will give you the coins you need to buy the rewards from the vendors.

1.3. Currency

The currency of the event is Coin of Ancestry Icon Coin of Ancestry. You will earn these coins by visiting the elders scattered throughout the world. During a single Lunar Festival, you can earn a fixed number of 84 of these coins, so you will have to spend them carefully (see below).

These coins have no duration, so you will be able to spend the coins that you have collected in the previous editions (provided that you have kept them).

2. Rewards↑top

The pets are the only rewards that will appeal to almost everyone. The rest of the rewards are clothing items and fireworks, which are mostly needed to complete some of the achievements.

2.1. Pets

The 2012 edition of the Lunar Festival will reward players with a specific pet: Lunar Lantern Icon Lunar Lantern (Alliance) or Festival Lantern Icon Festival Lantern (Horde). This pet is to be sold for 50 Coin of Ancestry Icon by Valadar Starsong.

2.2. Food

Festival Dumplings Icon Festival Dumplings are sold by Valadar Starsong for 1 Coin of Ancestry Icon and Moonglow Icon Moonglow is sold by the Lunar Festival Vendor for 15 Copper.

2.3. Clothing

To complete one of the achievements, you will have to spend 5 Coin of Ancestry Icon to buy one of these items from Valadar Starsong:

In addition, you can buy, for 5 Coin of Ancestry Icon each, the following patterns from Fariel Starsong:

2.4. Fireworks

Like clothing pieces, for most people, fireworks will only be used to obtain some of the achievements. You can buy them from the Lunar Festival Vendor:

Note that only Red Rocket Clusters and Festival Firecrackers are needed for the achievements.

Additionally, Engineers can buy (from Fariel Starsong) patterns that will enable them to craft various fireworks-related items:

Note that Firework Launcher Icon Firework Launcher is used to fire regular firework rockets while Cluster Launcher Icon Cluster Launcher is used to fire cluster rockets.

2.5. Vanity Items

The following vanity items are available during the event:

2.6. Achievements and Title

The meta-achievement of the event is To Honor One's Elders Icon To Honor One's Elders. It rewards the Elder title, counts towards What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been Icon What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been (Alliance/Horde), and requires you to complete all the achievements related to the event:

3. Quests↑top

The first thing you should do is the small quest chain that starts with The Lunar Festival, given in capital cities by Lunar Festival Emissaries to Alliance players and Lunar Festival Heralds to Horde players.

This first quest must be turned in to a Lunar Festival Harbinger. You will find these NPCs in capital cities during the event. The follow-up quest is Lunar Fireworks, which you can complete by firing up fireworks that you can buy from the nearby vendor. After doing so, you will receive Valadar Starsong. Before you use your Lunar Festival Invitation Icon Lunar Festival Invitation (a reward from the previous quest) to teleport to Moonglade and talk to Valadar, make sure that you buy approximately 50 Cluster Rockets from the Lunar Festival Vendor in your capital city (this is needed to summon Omen later on).

3.1. Elune's Blessing & Omen

Valadar will give you the Elune's Blessing quest. Simply go to the south eastern part of the lake in Moonglade. There you need to summon Omen, the creature that needs to be killed (with a raid group preferably). To do so, keep firing up Cluster Rockets from the launchers on the shore of the lake.

Several Minions of Omen will start appearing. If you keep killing them and firing up rockets, Omen will eventually appear and your group should have no problem bringing him down.

Once Omen is dead, standing next to its corpse will grant you the Elune's Blessing Icon Elune's Blessing buff, which completes the quest. Note that you can get the buff even if you did not participate in the actual fighting or if you arrived after the boss was killed.

The rewards for completing Elune's Blessing are an Elune's Lantern Icon Elune's Lantern, a vanity item that you can use to create Elune Stone Icon Elune Stones (another vanity item), and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack Icon Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack, which contains rockets and cluster rockets.

Gaining the buff will also reward you with the Elune's Blessing Icon Elune's Blessing achievement.

4. Visiting the Elders↑top

There are 84 Elders to visit in total. In this section, we will show where the Elders are located for a given continent. We will not give exact coordinates as each Elder you visit will give you a quest that instantly completes, making it easier to spot them on the minimap (provided that you enabled the highlight of low-level quest givers).

All the Elders give you a similar quest that rewards 1 Coin of Ancestry Icon and a Lucky Red Envelope Icon Lucky Red Envelope, which can contain an Elder's Moonstone Icon Elder's Moonstone or a Lucky Rocket Cluster Icon Lucky Rocket Cluster.

While visiting the Elders, you will obtain all the coins-related and elders-related achievements.

Note that Alliance players must visit the Elders from Elders of the Horde Icon Elders of the Horde and Horde players must visit the Elders from Elders of the Alliance Icon Elders of the Alliance.

4.1. Eastern Kingdoms

Lunar Festival - Eastern Kingdoms Elders
  1. Elder Obsidian: The Sepulcher (Silverpine Forest)
  2. Elder Darkcore: Throne Room (Ruins of Lordaeron)
  3. Elder Graveborn: Brill (Tirisfal Glades)
  4. Elder Moonstrike: outside Scholomance (Western Plaguelands)
  5. Elder Meadowrun: inside the Weeping Cave (Western Plaguelands)
  6. Elder Farwhisper: Festival Lane (inside Stratholme)
  7. Elder Snowcrown: Light's Hope Chapel (Eastern Plaguelands)
  8. Elder Windrun: Crown Guard Tower (Eastern Plaguelands)
  9. Elder Highpeak: near the Creeping Ruin (middle of The Hinterlands)
  10. Elder Darkfeather: Thundermar Ruins, south-east of Thundermar (Twilight Highlands
  11. Elder Firebeard: Dunwald Ruins (Twilight Highlands)
  12. Elder Silvervein: Thelsamar (Loch Modan)
  13. Elder Dawnstrider: Flame Crest (Burning Steppes)
  14. Elder Rumblerock: Dreadmaul Rock (Burning Steppes)
  15. Elder Starsong: on the left atop the stairs (inside Sunken Temple)
  16. Elder Bellowrage: Dark Portal (Blasted Lands)
  17. Elder Starglade: outside Zul'Gurub (Northern Stranglethorn)
  18. Elder Winterhoof: bank in Booty Bay (The Cape of Stranglethorn)
  19. Elder Skychaser: top of Sentinel Hill (Westfall)
  20. Elder Stormbrow: Goldshire (Elwynn Forest)
  21. Elder Hammershout: just outside Stormwind City (Elwynn Forest)
  22. Elder Stonefort: Hordemar City (inside Lower Blackrock Spire)
  23. Elder Morndeep: near the Ring of Law (inside Blackrock Depths)
  24. Elder Ironband: just outside the Blackchar Cave (Searing Gorge)
  25. Elder Bronzebeard: in front of the Mystic Ward (Ironforge)
  26. Elder Goldwell: Kharanos (Dun Morogh)
  27. Elder Moonlance: Biel'aran Ridge (Shimmering Expanse)

4.1.1. Deepholm

Lunar Festival - Deepholm Elders
  1. Elder Stonebrand: entrance of Temple of Earth (Deepholm)
  2. Elder Deepforge: Stonehearth (Deepholm)

4.2. Kalimdor

Lunar Festival - Kalimdor Elders
  1. Elder Bladeswift: Cenarion Enclave (Darnassus)
  2. Elder Bladeleaf: Dolanaar (Teldrassil)
  3. Elder Starweave: close to Lor'danel (Darkshore)
  4. Elder Nightwind: Jaedenar (Felwood)
  5. Elder Riversong: north-west entrance to Astranaar (Ashenvale)
  6. Elder Windsong: Sanctuary of Malorne (Mount Hyjal)
  7. Elder Evershade: Nordrassil (Mount Hyjal)
  8. Elder Brightspear: eastern shore of Lake Kel'Theril (Winterspring)
  9. Elder Stonespire: Everlook (Winterspring)
  10. Elder Skygleam: Ravencrest Monument (Azshara)
  11. Elder Darkhorn: next to the Flight Master in Valley of Wisdom (Orgrimmar)
  12. Elder Runetotem: Razor Hill (Durotar)
  13. Elder Windtotem: Ratchet (Northern Barrens)
  14. Elder Moonwarden: The Crossroads (Northern Barrens)
  15. Elder High Mountain: Vendetta Point (Southern Barrens)
  16. Elder Bloodhoof: north of Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore)
  17. Elder Ezra Wheathoof: The Elder Rise (Thunder Bluff)
  18. Elder Splitrock: southernmost area of Zaetar's Grave (inside Maraudon)
  19. Elder Grimtotem: Lariss Pavillon, north of Camp Mojache (Feralas)
  20. Elder Mistwalker: Dire Maul Arena (Feralas)
  21. Elder Primestone: Crystal Vale (Silithus)
  22. Elder Bladesing: Cenarion Hold (Silithus)
  23. Elder Sekhemi: Ruins of Ammon (Uldum)
  24. Elder Thunderhorn: The Slithering Scar (Un'Goro)
  25. Elder Menkhaf: eastern side of Khartut's Tomb (Uldum)
  26. Elder Ragetotem: south of Valley of the Watchers (Tanaris)
  27. Elder Wildmane: Gahz'rilla's area inside (Zul'Farrak)
  28. Elder Dreamseer: Gadgetzan (Tanaris)
  29. Elder Morningdew: Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge (Thousand Needles)
  30. Elder Skyseer: Freewind Post (Thousand Needles)

4.3. Northrend

Lunar Festival - Northrend
  1. Elder Igasho: The Singing Grove (inside The Nexus)
  2. Elder Northal: Transitus Shield (Borean Tundra)
  3. Elder Pamuya: north of Warson Hold, overlooking Mightstone Quarry (Borean Tundra)
  4. Elder Sardis: just outside Valiance Keep, against the north-east wall (Borean Tundra)
  5. Elder Arp: D.E.H.T.A. Camp (Borean Tundra)
  6. Elder Sandrene: Lakeside Landing, River's Heart (Sholazar Basin)
  7. Elder Wanikaya: Rainspeak Rapids, near Avatar of Freya (Sholazar Basin)
  8. Elder Bluewolf: inside Wintergrasp Fortress (Wintergrasp)
  9. Elder Nurgen: After falling down to the Brood Pit (inside Azjol-Nerub)
  10. Elder Morthie: Star's Rest (Dragonblight)
  11. Elder Skywarden: south-western side of Agmar's Hammer (Dragonblight)
  12. Elder Thoim: Moa'ki Harbor, near the docks (Dragonblight)
  13. Elder Kilias: Raptor Pens (inside Drak'Tharon Keep)
  14. Elder Graymane: just outside K3 (The Storm Peaks)
  15. Elder Fargal: Frosthold (The Storm Peaks)
  16. Elder Stonebeard: Bouldercrag's Refuge (The Storm Peaks)
  17. Elder Yurauk: Crystalline Quarry (inside Halls of Stone)
  18. Elder Muraco: entrance of Camp Tunka'lo (The Storm Peaks)
  19. Elder Ohanzee: Tomb of the Ancients (inside Gundrak)
  20. Elder Tauros: Zim'Torga (Zul'Drak)
  21. Elder Beldak: just east of Westfall Brigade Encampment (Grizzly Hills)
  22. Elder Whurain: Camp Oneqwah (Grizzly Hills)
  23. Elder Lunaro: eastern part of the Ruins of Tethys (Grizzly Hills)
  24. Elder Chogan'gada: shortly after killing Skadi the Ruthless (inside Utgarde Pinnacle)
  25. Elder Jarten: Njorn Stairs (inside Utgarde Keep)

5. Remaining Achievements↑top

Elune's Blessing Icon Elune's Blessing is granted after killing Omen for the first time and all the coins-related and elders-related achievements are obtained while visiting the Elders. The 3 remaining achievements are: Lunar Festival Finery Icon Lunar Festival Finery, Frenzied Firecracker Icon Frenzied Firecracker, and The Rocket's Red Glare Icon The Rocket's Red Glare.

5.1. Lunar Festival Finery

To complete this achievement, simply acquire a festive piece of clothing from Valadar Starsong. This will cost you 5 Coin of Ancestry Icon.

5.2. Frenzied Firecracker

To complete this achievement, buy 10 Festival Firecracker Icon Festival Firecrackers from a Lunar Festival Vendor in a capital city. Then, quickly use them all. Note that there is a short cooldown so you should aim at using a new Firecracker as soon as the cooldown is off.

5.3. The Rocket's Red Glare

To complete this achievement, proceed exactly the same as for Frenzied Firecracker Icon Frenzied Firecracker, just that you will use Red Rocket Cluster Icon Red Rocket Clusters instead. Note that you need to stand next to a Cluster Launcher to be able to use these items.

6. Conclusion↑top

We hope that this guide will have answered every question you had about the Lunar Festival. If not, we encourage you to leave a comment or contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to address the issue you encountered.

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