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Hour of Twilight Heroic Dungeon Guide (patch 4.3.4)

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Hour of Twilight is one of the three new heroic dungeons, introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 4.3. The dungeon contains 3 boss encounters. Each of the first two bosses drops one epic item of 378 item level, while the final boss drops two items, as well as a Chaos Orb.

This is the final dungeon of the three. Here, your goal is to finally deliver the Dragon Soul (which Nozdormu helped you retrieve from the past, in Well of Eternity) to Wyrmrest Temple. Alongside Thrall, you will need to overcome several obstacles, on your way to the temple.

1. Introduction↑top

Hour of Twilight Map The Hour of Twilight heroic dungeon is accessed from the Caverns of Time instance hub, and it is also available through the Dungeon Finder. Like End Time and Well of Eternity, this instance also has a linear layout. The three bosses must be defeated in their designated order, and bosses cannot be skipped.

This guide will cover all of the three boss encounters, as well as the quests that are available in the dungeon.

All throughout the dungeon, you will have to speak to Thrall, telling him that you wish to continue, and he will accompany you forward. It is important that you do not forget to talk to Thrall, otherwise he will not follow you and you will have to run back after him and waste a lot of time.

Thrall assists you during all three of the encounters in the dungeon, as well as against all of the trash mobs.

2. Loot↑top

2.1. Armor

Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats Source
Cloak of Subtle Light Back Intellect/Spirit Asira Dawnslayer
Iceward Cloak Back Strength/Parry Arcurion
Chillbane Belt Cloth Waist Intellect/Hit Arcurion
Mantle of False Virtue Cloth Shoulders Intellect/Hit Archbishop Benedictus
Safeguard Gloves Cloth Hands Intellect/Spirit To Wyrmrest!
Leggings of Blinding Speed Leather Legs Intellect/Spirit Asira Dawnslayer
Evergreen Wristbands Leather Wrists Intellect Arcurion
Desecrated Shoulderguards Leather Shoulders Agility Archbishop Benedictus
Wayfinder Boots Leather Feet Agility Arcurion
Pauldrons of Midnight Whispers Mail Shoulders Intellect/Spirit Asira Dawnslayer
Gauntlets of the Twilight Hour Mail Hands Intellect/Spirit Trash Mobs
Surestride Boots Mail Feet Intellect Arcurion
Dawnslayer Helm Mail Head Agility Asira Dawnslayer
Betrayer's Pauldrons Mail Shoulders Agility Archbishop Benedictus
Cinch of the World Shaman Mail Waist Agility To Wyrmrest!
Pauldrons of Conviction Plate Shoulders Intellect/Spirit Archbishop Benedictus
Arcurion Legguards Plate Legs Strength/Mastery Arcurion
Pauldrons of the Dragonblight Plate Shoulders Dodge/Parry Archbishop Benedictus

2.2. Weapons

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Fanged Tentacle Dagger Intellect Archbishop Benedictus
Mandible of the Old Ones 1.40 Off-Hand Dagger Agility Asira Dawnslayer
Clattering Claw Fist Weapon Agility Archbishop Benedictus
Treachery's Bite One-Hand Sword Strength Archbishop Benedictus
Stalk of Corruption Staff Intellect Archbishop Benedictus
Corrupted Carapace Shield Strength/Dodge Asira Dawnslayer
Dragonsmaw Blaster Gun Agility Archbishop Benedictus
Writhing Wand Wand Intellect/Hit The Twilight Prophet

2.3. Rings and Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats Source
Ring of the Loyal Companion Ring Intellect/Hit To Wyrmrest!
Signet of the Twilight Prophet Ring Intellect/Spirit The Twilight Prophet
Thrall's Gratitude Ring Strength The Twilight Prophet
Rosary of Light Trinket Strength/Crit Archbishop Benedictus
Veil of Lies Trinket Stamina/Dodge Archbishop Benedictus

3. Quests↑top

There are 2 quests that can be completed within the instance.

The first quest is To Wyrmrest!. It is the last quest of the quest chain that runs through the three Hour of Twilight heroic dungeons.

The second quest is The Twilight Prophet. In order to be eligible for it, you need to have completed all the quests in End Time and Well of Eternity.

The quests reward you with item level 378 gear, just like the bosses (see loot section above). Failure to complete the quests will not affect your ability to progress through the dungeons, or the Dragon Soul raid.

3.1. To Wyrmrest!

To Wyrmrest! is obtained by turning in The Hour of Twilight, which you were given at the end of Well of Eternity, to Thrall.

This quest simply requires you to accompany Thrall to Wyrmrest Temple and defeat the final boss of the instance.

3.2. The Twilight Prophet

The Twilight Prophet is started by a quest item (Urgent Twilight Missive) that is dropped by Arcurion, the first boss of the instance, if you have completed all the quests in End Time and Well of Eternity.

To complete this quest, you need to successfully accompany Thrall to the last boss, who is the Twilight Prophet that you must unmask.

4. Arcurion↑top

As soon as you enter the dungeon and speak with Thrall, you will be ambushed by a few packs of ice elemental mobs, preceding the first boss, Arcurion. They present little difficulty and are easily defeated.

Hour of Twilight - Arcurion - Icy Boulders The fight against Arcurion is a rather standard tank and spank fight. In addition to the abilities that the boss casts, several ice elementals, called Frozen Servitors, will hurl boulders (Icy Boulder Icon Icy Boulder) at your party. A clear visual effect marks the spot where a boulder is set to land, giving players a chance to move away when they are targeted (thus avoiding the damage). These mobs are perched on the cliff edges surrounding the encounter area, and they cannot be attacked in any way. Their numbers increase as the fight goes on. Fortunately, Thrall spends the entire fight shooting lava bursts at them, keeping their numbers in check.

Hour of Twilight - Arcurion - Ice Tomb At a certain point (sometimes twice) in the encounter, Arcurion will trap Thrall in a tomb of ice, incapacitating him. Your party will have to destroy this tomb and free Thrall.

Arcurion's own abilities are of little consequence. He spams an interruptible Hand of Frost Icon Hand of Frost ability, that damages the tank. Additionally, at 30% health, he channels Torrent of Frost Icon Torrent of Frost until he is killed. This deals 15,000 Frost damage per second to every member of your party, and acts as a soft-enrage mechanics.

5. Asira Dawnslayer↑top

Hour of Twilight - Asira - Trash After defeating Arcurion, you will have to travel quite a long way to reach the next boss. Before the boss appears, however, you will have to defeat several packs of trash, comprised of Twilight Shadow Walkers, Twilight Rangers, Twilight Thugs, and Twilight Bruisers.

These trash packs deal a fairly high amount of damage to the tank, but they are susceptible to the usual forms of crowd control. Additionally, Thrall assists your party with a Rising Fire Totem. This totem places a friendly void zone on the ground. Standing in it stacks a buff on players, increasing their maximum health and damage done.

In addition to these trash mobs, you should also watch out for the scattered, stealthed Twilight Assassins.

Hour of Twilight - Asira - Choking Smoke Bomb Asira Dawnslayer is an extremely easy boss encounter. The most notable ability that she will use is her Choking Smoke Bomb Icon Choking Smoke Bomb. Regularly during the fight, she will place a smoke screen around her. The smoke screen causes line of sight for players, and also deals a small amount of damage each second to anyone standing inside. She should be moved out of the smoke screen immediately, each time it is cast.

In addition to this, she also casts Mark of Silence Icon Mark of Silence on a random caster in the group. This places a debuff on that player, and when the player casts a spell under the effect of this debuff, Asira will throw a knife at them. The knife collides with the first person in its path toward the marked target, dealing a small amount of physical damage to them. If it collides with the marked target, it will also silence them for 2.5 seconds. Therefore, casters should always try to keep the tank or a melee DPS between them and the boss.

Once the boss is dead, your entire party can mount a group of Bronze Drakes. These drakes will fly you near to Wyrmrest Temple.

6. Archbishop Benedictus↑top

Hour of Twilight - Benedictus - Trash Upon landing from your flight on the Bronze Drakes, you should once again speak with Thrall and move forward. You will have to defeat several packs of Faceless Ones and Corrupted Tentacles. These mobs present little difficulty as well, although you need to make sure that the dark oozes that go down the slope do not reach Thrall, as they deal quite a lot of damage to him.

After the third trash pack has been defeated, as you make your way down towards Wyrmrest Temple, you will be greeted by Archbishop Benedictus. He is initially friendly, and asks you to follow him inside the temple, to safety. Once inside, however, after a short dialogue with Thrall, Benedictus becomes hostile and the final encounter begins.

Hour of Twilight - Benedictus - Wave Benedictus has two phases, although nothing really changes between them except for the names of the abilities, the color of their spell effect (from white to purple) and their type of damage (from Holy damage to Shadow damage).

There are several things to watch out for during the encounter:

  • Hour of Twilight - Benedictus - Void Zones Several times during the encounter, Benedictus will summon a wave that travels along a part of the platform (Wave of Virtue Icon Wave of Virtue/Wave of Twilight Icon Wave of Twilight). The wall moves slowly and is extremely damaging. Players must find a place where they are safe from it and move there in order to avoid it.
  • Benedictus spams an interruptible nuke (Smite Icon Smite/Twilight Blast Icon Twilight Blast).
  • Benedictus will summon several void zones (Purifying Blast Icon Purifying Blast/Corrupting Twilight Icon Corrupting Twilight). They should be avoided.

6.1. Achievement: Eclipse

The Eclipse Icon Eclipse achievement is extremely simple. After the boss goes into the second phase (after 65%), a number of "sparks" will spawn all around the edges of the arena where you fight. Your group must kill 10 of these in order to complete the achievement.

The sparks have extremely low health, and most classes will be able to 1 or 2 shot them. It is easier if ranged players handle them, although melee can also perform the task.

7. Conclusion↑top

Finishing Hour of Twilight marks the end of your journey through the dungeons of Patch 4.3. You will have witnessed all the important lore events leading up to the battle for Wyrmrest Temple that will bring about the demise of Deathwing.

Additionally, the item level 378 loot that all these dungeons are giving provides a rapid way to reach entry-level raiding gear for the Dragon Soul.

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