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Firelands Trash Guide

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This guide will provide you with all the information you need regarding the trash mobs within the Firelands instance.

We will cover, briefly yet thoroughly, all the relevant mechanics of the mobs, as well as all reputation and loot gains that can be obtained.

1. General Observations↑top

While the Firelands raid instance does seem to be overflowing with trash mobs, you should not concern yourselves. A lot of trash is skippable, and there are few, if any, groups which are linked together. Overall, this makes killing the trash rather easy.

We believe that practical information is a lot more useful than detailed explanations, so we will not go into deep discussions of abilities or mechanics.

We will handle each trash pack individually, though sometimes, other packs might patrol into your raid, or raid members might accidentally pull extra packs. If this happens, your raid will simply have to prioritise and make use of cooldowns to survive.

2. Rewards↑top

Killing trash mobs within the Firelands raid instance provides you (and your raid) with more than just access to the bosses. Indeed, all trash mobs offer reputation gains with The Avengers of Hyjal faction. In addition to this, most mobs have a chance to drop epic Bind of Equip items of 378 item level as well as Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing patterns.

2.1. Reputation Gains

The Avengers of Hyjal reputation is gained within the Firelands raid instance, exclusively. Below, we detail the exact means of reputation gains.

  • Bosses provide 250 reputation, until 999/1,000 Exalted.
  • The following mobs provide 50 reputation, until 11,999/12,000 Honored: Molten Lord, Unstable Magma, Flamewaker Subjugator, Flame Archon, Molten Flamefather and Blazing Monstrosity.
  • The following mobs provide 15 reputation, until 11,999/12,000 Honored: Flamewaker Animator.
  • All other mobs provide either 5 or 15 reputation, until 5,999/6,000 Friendly.

These reputation gains are, of course, affected by guild perks and the Human Racial, Diplomacy Icon Diplomacy.

2.2. Loot

Trash mobs in the Firelands have a chance to drop one of the following items, all of which can later be upgraded to a heroic version by turning in the normal version and a Crystallized Firestone to Lurah Wrathvine at the entrance of the instance:

The following profession patterns can also drop:

3. Abilities and Strategy↑top

In this section, we will detail the recommended strategy for each type of trash mob which your raid must defeat in order to gain access to the bosses within the Firelands raid instance.

3.1. Shannox Trash

In order to properly engage Shannox, your raid needs to defeat Molten Lords, Molten Surgers, Fire Scorpions, Ancient Core Hounds, Hell Hounds, Unbound Pyrelords and Flamewakers.

After killing a certain amount of trash mobs, Shannox will spawn and begin patrolling in a wide area around The Molten Fields. Your raid will have to clear a substantial amount of trash in order to have room to move during the encounter.

3.1.1. Molten Lords

Molten Lords are large elemental mobs. When dealing with Molten Lords, the following things are important:

  • They apply a debuff to the tank, reducing their armor and causing them to take large amounts of damage, requiring a tank switch.
  • They regularly perform a knockback attack, so raid members should be careful not to get knocked back into other mobs.
  • They regularly summon fiery areas under raid members, which explode after a short time and must be avoided.

3.1.2. Molten Surgers

When dealing with Molten Surgers, the following things are important:

  • They regularly charge ranged raid members, dealing damage to an area around them and knocking them back. The more players are present in the respective area, the higher the damage will be. Simply spread out.
  • Stacking the entire raid in melee will simply cause the Surger to charge a melee player instead.

3.1.3. Hell Hounds

When dealing with these mobs, the following things are important:

  • They stack a bleed on the tank, so too many Hounds on a single tank is not a good idea.
  • There are quite a lot of them in a single pack, so forms of crowd control are advised.

3.1.4. Fire Scorpion Packs

There are several trash packs comprised of Fire Scorpions and Giant Fire Scorpions. When dealing with these packs, the following things are important:

  • Fire Scorpions do an AoE damaging ability when they die, so they should not all be killed at once.
  • Giant Fire Scorpions increase their fire damage done, but are generally not problematic.

3.1.5. Ancient Core Hounds

When dealing with these mobs, the following things are important:

  • They regularly cast a raid-wide fear.
  • They have a breath attack.
  • They occasionally channel an ability which does a massive amount of damage to the tank.

3.1.6. Unbound Pyrelord packs

These packs are comprised of one Unbound Pyrelord and several Unbound Smoldering Elementals. When dealing with these packs, the following things are important:

  • The Unbound Pyrelord will occasionally cast an ability which makes one of the otherwise nigh-invulnerable Smoldering Elementals damagable. When this happens, the respective Elemental should be killed.
  • The Unbound Pyrelord should be kept alive until all Elementals have been killed.

3.1.7. Flamewaker Packs

Flamewakers walk around in large packs, and while it may seem like the different kinds of Flamewakers and their abilities will quickly overwhelm you, they are a fairly simple trash pack to deal with.

The most important thing is to kill the Flamewaker Cauterizers first, as they have the ability to heal other mobs. Crowd control can be used to make these packs even easier.

3.1.8. Flamewaker Overseers

Flamewaker Overseers perform a cleave attack which deals Fire damage, split among all enemies in front of the mob. Your raid should stack up for it.

3.1.9. Unstable Magma

Unstable Magma packs consist of a Flamewaker Subjugator, several Flamewaker Animators and one Unstable Magma. When dealing with these packs, the following things are important:

  • Your raid needs to keep the Subjugator alive until all the Animators are dead, as he will make them vulnerable to attacks, one at a time.
  • The Subjugator stacks a debuff on the tank, reducing their healing received, so a tank swap is required.
  • Once all Animators are dead, your raid can kill the Subjugator, as well as the Unstable Magma which will now be attacking your raid.

3.1.10. Fire Turtle Packs

Fire Turtle Hatchlings and Patriarch Fire Turtles form groups, although each of these are also found by themselves in certain places. When dealing with them, the following things are imporant:

  • Fire Turtle Hatchlings have a knockback and a powerful AoE attack in their close proximity. Melee players should stay away. They are otherwise harmless.
  • Patriarch Fire Turtles have a powerful breath attack and also shield themselves regularly. Casts will have 50% of the damage they do with their spells reflected back to them while the shield is active.

3.2. Beth'tilac Trash

In order to reach Beth'tilac, your raid will need to kill a Molten Lord, Hell Hounds and a few Flamewakers. In addition to these mobs, which we have already covered, you will have to defeat several Cinderweb packs.

These are comprised of Cinderweb Drones, Cinderweb Spinners and Cinderweb Spiderlings are present in various packs along the way to Beth'tilac. When dealing with these mobs, the following things are important:

  • Cinderweb Drones must be faced away from the raid.
  • Cinderweb Drones and Spinners do moderate damage to random raid members.
  • Cinderweb Spiderlings will heal and buff the Drones, so they must not be allowed to reach them.

3.3. Lord Rhyolith Trash

The trash up to Lord Rhyolith consists of a gauntlet event, which will require your raid to quickly move up the slope. Your tanks will have to hold aggro on the large number of Fire Elementals present.

Once at the top of the slope, you will face and defeat Kaz the Everburning. He presents no challenges to raids, but on dying he spawns a large amount of Fire Elementals which need to be DPS-ed down one by one to prevent them from multiplying.

3.4. Alysrazor Trash

The trash to Alysrazor presents your raid with two Blazing Monstrosities, several Harbingers of Flame and two Egg Piles. The Blazing Monstrosities deal heavy fire damage to your raid, but can be mounted by raid members, and be used, as vehicles, to destroy the Egg Piles.

Egg Piles spawn numerous spiders which your tanks will need to pick up, and your DPS will need to kill.

The Harbingers of Flame should be interrupted as much as possible while being killed.

3.5. Baleroc Trash

Baleroc is guarded by two packs of two Flame Archons each, as well as by two Molten Flamefathers. The Flame Archon packs can be pulled independently of each other and of the Molten Flamefathers, and the Flamefathers are not linked among themselves either.

Flame Archons channel a fire attack in front of them, and should be faced away from the raid.

Molten Flamefathers spawn volcanoes, which in turn spawn several Magmakin mobs. The volcanoes, and subsequent Magmakin need to be killed by your raid.

3.6. Staghelm Trash

The trash before Majordomo Staghelm is comprised of multiple Druids of the Flame. As you approach them, and enter the arena where you fight Majordomo Staghelm, your raid will receive constant Fire damage from these mobs. This damage ceases when they are engaged.

While fighting this trash, the following things are important:

  • The Cat Form druids will perform a leaping attack which stuns all targets in the designated area. Therefore, your raid should be spread out and whoever is targeted by the attack should move away.
  • Dispel raid members affected by the stun.
  • DPS down the druids in Human Form before focusing on those in Cat Form.
  • Be prepared for a rather high amount of raid damage.

3.7. Ragnaros Trash

Before your raid can reach Ragnaros, you will have to face a Lava Wielder and two Molten Spewers.

The Lava Wielder will occasionally cover segments of the corridor where you are fighting him in fire. Simply stand in a safe location, where you will not take damage.

The Molten Spewers are located inside the lava, on either side of the walkway leading to Ragnaros. They cannot leave the lava, and your raid will have to engage both at the same time. When fighting Molten Spewers, the following things are important:

  • They will occasionally create void zones under random raid members. Simply move out of these.
  • They will occasionally submerge and re-emerge in a different location, and your tanks should be prepared for this.

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