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Dragon Soul Trash Guide

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1. Introduction↑top

This guide is meant to provide you with all the information required for defeating the various trash mobs that you will encounter in the Dragon Soul raid.

All of the trash packs are linked to a specific boss and your raid group will need to defeat them before being able to fight the boss. The last three encounters have no trash associated to them.

For the purpose of keeping this guide as a simple and dynamic reference, we will not go into too many details.

We highly recommend using 2 tanks for all the trash packs present in this raid instance. It may be possible to defeat some (or all) of them with a single tank, but this is needlessly difficult.

2. Trash Loot↑top

All the items dropped by trash in Dragon Soul are Bind on Equip and have an item level of 397. Note that the trash drops no loot in LFR difficulty.

2.1. Armor

Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats
Sash of Relentless Truth Cloth Waist Intellect
Nightblind Cinch Leather Waist Agility
Girdle of Fungal Dreams Leather Waist Intellect/Spirit
Dragoncarver Belt Mail Waist Agility
Belt of Ghostly Graces Mail Waist Intellect/Spirit
Girdle of Soulful Mending Plate Waist Intellect/Spirit
Waistguard of Bleeding Bone Plate Waist Strength
Waistplate of the Desecrated Future Plate Waist Strength/Parry

2.2. Weapons

Item Name Type Main Stats
Ruinblaster Shotgun Gun Agility
Dragonfire Orb Off-hand Frill Intellect
Spine of the Thousand Cuts 2.6 Main Hand Sword Agility

3. Morchok Trash↑top

The trash before Morchok is comprised of three packs of elementals. For simplicity, we will treat each pack separately.

3.1. First Pack

  • 1 Ancient Water Lord:
    • deals frontal cone damage with Flood Icon Flood; this should be avoided (sometimes, they face a random raid member when channeling the spell);
    • casts Pure Water Icon Pure Water, which places beneficial void on the ground.
  • 1 Earthen Destroyer:
    • deals proximity damage with Dust Storm Icon Dust Storm that can be avoided by standing in Pure Water (see above);
    • casts Boulder Smash Icon Boulder Smash, which throws rocks at the location of random players, stunning everyone in the area where they land; this should be avoided and the stun can be dispelled.

Kill the Earthen Destroyer first, then the Ancient Water Lord.

3.2. Second Pack

  • 2 Earthen Soldiers: they have an energy bar that increases each time they cast Twilight Corruption Icon Twilight Corruption (interruptible). When the energy bar of an Earthen Soldier reaches 100 energy, it empties and the Earthen Soldier is buffed with a 25% increase to damage done, which stacks.
  • 1 Earthen Destroyer that behaves exactly as in the previous pack.

It appears currently that only one of the two Soldiers spams Twilight Corruption Icon Twilight Corruption, so that one should be killed first. After that, kill the other Soldier before finally killing the Destroyer.

3.3. Third Pack

Deal with this pack in the same way you did with the first trash pack.

4. Yor'sahj Trash↑top

Yor'sahj's trash consists of a number of patrolling packs of globules or oozes. These adds carry many of the same characteristics as the oozes during the Yor'sahj encounter do. Below, we present you with a kill priority as well as a few tips.

The most damaging/annoying oozes, in order, are:

  1. Cobalt Globule (mana leech);
  2. Shadowed Globule (Deep Corruption Icon Deep Corruption);
  3. Glowing Globule (raid damage).

Past this point, it does not really matter which of the globules you kill, as their abilities are not very dangerous.

While it was not the case on the PTR, it is possible that the Acidic Globule may deal AoE damage to players if they are within 6 yards of each other, requiring your raid to spread out (in which case, this ooze gains a higher priority).

5. Zon'ozz Trash↑top

The encounter with Warlord Zon'ozz is preceded by several identical packs of Old God tentacles comprised of 1 Claw of Go'rath, 1 Eye of Go'rath, and 3 Flails of Go'rath. This trash can easily wipe a group within seconds if not dealt with properly. Follow these steps:

6. Hagara Trash↑top

The trash before Hagara the Stormbinder is comprised of 4 waves of mobs and an elite mob. None of the waves are overly difficult, as long as you keep a few things in mind.

6.1. First Wave

The first wave is made up of 2 Twilight Frost Evokers and 2 Stormborn Myrmidons.

6.2. Second Wave

The second wave is made up of 6 Corrupted Fragments and 1 Stormbinder Adept.

6.3. Third Wave

The third wave consists of 2 groups that spawn at the same time. Each group is made up of 1 Twilight Frost Evoker, 1 Stormbinder Adept, and 1 Stormborn Myrmidon.

6.4. Fourth Wave

The fourth wave is made up of 10 Corrupted Fragments that you need to AoE down.

6.5. Lieutenant Shara

Lieutenant Shara is the final mob you will have to face before reaching Hagara.

  • She stacks Shatter Icon Shatter on the tank. This debuff reduces armor.
  • She places Frost Corruption Icon Frost Corruption, a magic debuff, on random players. This debuff deals Frost damage and can be dispelled.
  • She deals some random raid damage.

You should aim to pull this mob and kill her close to the edge of the platform (and have the entire raid move there), as Hagara the Stormbinder will spawn in the center of the platform as soon as Lieutenant Shara dies, and she can easily be pulled by mistake.

7. Ultraxion Trash↑top

Dragon Soul - Trash - Ultraxion After reaching the Wyrmrest Temple summit and talking to Thrall, an event will begin, which acts as the trash before Ultraxion, the 5th boss of the instance.

Essentially, the entire platform will come under siege from a swarm of Twilight Drakes. The following things are worth noting:

  • Tanks should taunt the Drakes in order to have them come down in melee range and be attackable. Other classes with taunts can do the same, to speed up the process.
  • The Drakes have breath attacks (not very damaging) and occasionally also leave very damaging lines of fire on the ground, that everyone should move out of immediately.
  • The event takes a very long time to complete, so be prepared.

8. Blackhorn and Deathwing Trash↑top

The encounter with Warmaster Blackhorn and the two encounters with Deathwing (Spine of Deathwing and Madness of Deathwing) are not preceded by trash.

9. Conclusions↑top

This concludes the trash guide for the Dragon Soul raid instance. It is quite possible that the mechanics of a lot of these mobs will be updated or changed altogether for live release, and we will update this guide accordingly if this is the case.

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